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#7955 isPlainObject slight error bug undecided 1.4.4 invalid
#8008 function each launch an error when the object is empty on verion 1.4.4 sirio3mil@… bug low 1.4.4 invalid
#8164 Inconsistent results when selecting "number" type inputs bug high 1.5 duplicate
#8234 Element with id="nodeName" throw exception in Chrome and IE bug low 1.5 wontfix
#8257 jQuery 1.5 is not compatible with IE9beta1 and IE9rc in area of jQuery UI Tabs bug high 1.5 invalid
#8292 Naming all eval script in Google Chrome. Soul_Master enhancement low 1.5 wontfix
#8320 parseJSON fails if data contains \' (WCF Data Services escapes single quotes) bug low 1.5 invalid
#8328 $.map supporting objects enhancement low 1.5.1rc1 duplicate
#8331 index(':checked') doesn't work as expected bug low 1.5 invalid
#8588 Browser version in Firefox 4 bug undecided 1.5.1 invalid
#8838 JQuery and the eternal problems with IE9! anonymous bug low 1.5.2 invalid
#8904 invalid argument on removeClass with speed bug low 1.5.2 invalid
#8948 Accordion menus stopped working with 1.6b1 bug undecided 1.6b1 invalid
#8964 jquery1.5.2 refresh bug anonymous bug low 1.5.2 invalid
#8968 Autocomplete not working in Firefox and IE bug low 1.5.2 invalid
#8974 Warning : Unresponsive script bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#8992 I,m using slickgrid plugin but,when I drag the column width occur error function not supported bug low 1.6rc1 invalid
#9008 Consistent rspaces definitions Rick Waldron bug low 1.5.2 fixed
#9093 Css Body Background will disappear in old Opera bug low 1.6 worksforme
#9099 Upgrade causes plugin error bug low 1.6 invalid
#9113 nivo jquery and galleria bug undecided 1.6 invalid
#9120 internet explorer 7 bug at Line 16 Sign 12789 hasisbernd@… bug low 1.6 invalid
#9135 latest jquery date-input plugin not work with jquery 1.5.1 bug low 1.5.1 invalid
#9163 Enable/disable menu bar abdul-hussain@… bug low 1.6 invalid
#9167 jq1.6 in ie6 memory leak bug bug undecided 1.6 worksforme
#9173 Version 1.6 is incompatible with Wonderwall Gallery based on JQTouch bug low 1.6 invalid
#9195 Calling on $('#<domID>') within an iFrame fails anonymous bug undecided 1.6 invalid
#9208 validation 1.8 with jQuery 1.6 not working on IE 6,7,8 bug undecided 1.6 invalid
#9213 Bug with jquery-asmselect bug low 1.6 invalid
#9229 Link with target dont work in ie bug undecided 1.6 invalid
#9235 jQuery UI Tabs 1.8.11 Themes problem bug low 1.6 invalid
#9236 mask plugin feature low 1.6 invalid
#9238 IE9 issue for using .update function. bug low 1.6 invalid
#9251 KeyError: 'captcha_redirect' bug low 1.6 invalid
#9273 jQtouch bug low 1.6 invalid
#9292 additional-methods RangeMethod problem bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9295 Error message in console info@… bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9296 jquery 1.6.1 tabs fires native onclick event, jquery 1.5.2 didn't do this bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9297 IE6 Incompatibility sradoff@… bug low 1.6 invalid
#9308 bug in the actual jQuery visualize plugin bug low 1.5.1 invalid
#9334 Some ideas on reducing the file size anonymous enhancement low 1.6.1 patchwelcome
#9337 click event where initial target is rvml:oval node triggers error in ie bug low 1.5.2 invalid
#9359 Apycom menus stopped working with jQuery 1.5.2 bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9367 Cloning Drop Down List Problem anonymous bug low 1.4.2 invalid
#9372 cssProps properties from object prototype chain causes errors xelaris bug low 1.6.1 wontfix
#9383 data from assoc array (object) not accessible bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9403 using Jquery.validate.js bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9415 Jquery doesnt work for versions IE8 and lower bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9422 Recursion with .trigger('resize') within $(window).resize(...) bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9426 Jquery UI Ajax Tab Memory Leak anonymous bug low 1.5.2 invalid
#9431 ui.button widget form reset issue bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9438 jQuery UI Resizable is broken by 1.6.1 bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9451 Validation plugin stops working on IE8 with jQuery 1.6.x (no problem with jQuery 1.5.x) bug low 1.6 invalid
#9455 can not open after down loading from site john-margaret@… bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9456 jQuery not works in Chromium Browser Build 11.0.696.71 (86024) Ubuntu 10.04 bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9464 Dom load issues with version 1.5 - 1.6.1 except 1.6 Abhishek Kushwaha bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9506 show is not working fine in ASP.NET anonymous bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9550 Chrome Problem bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9553 "Invalid calling object" in IE9 with DivX bug low 1.6.1 patchwelcome
#9557 jquery-min.js does not work when online with t-mobile (germany) bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9559 Buggy globalEval bug low 1.6.1 worksforme
#9574 jqTransform & datePicker doesnt work... bug undecided 1.4 invalid
#9596 jquery slider in ie9 bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9600 Shadowbox is undefined bug undecided 1.5.1 invalid
#9604 Downgrade IE performance andy@… bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9633 Error in IE8 bug low 1.6.1 worksforme
#9673 Jquery not worling on chrome saurbh.find@… enhancement undecided 1.4.4 invalid
#9675 jQuery causes a second HTTP GET request on @font-face files on Firefox jdhoek bug low 1.6.1 cantfix
#9681 jQuery freezes on chrome when calling $($) bug low 1.6.1 wontfix
#9683 Access items with checked / unchecked for Radio Button list. anonymous bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9698 Core Style Cleanup Rick Waldron bug low 1.6.1 worksforme
#9701 v1.6.1 google closure compile warnings bug low 1.6.1 wontfix
#9709 jQuery1.6.1 shrink the background on opera bug low 1.6.1 fixed
#9710 jquery.browser.version fail in Firefox 4.0 bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9713 A tag with blank href causes parent accordion to open by default. bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9714 Binding an event in dialog.open function causes endless loop in IE8.0 bug low 1.6.1 invalid
#9716 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined :: jquery.js:613 lggarrison@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9720 BUG - Plugins/Validation/Methods/date bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9721 BUG - Plugins/Validation/Methods/date bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#9722 Single Bird (remote) does not list correct data. bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9738 Scrolling in the TableSorter is not working with assiginig tbody styles to it bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9740 Keyboard focus is not retained bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9743 jquery popup problem under IE9 bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9756 Object Property Error while using jquery.validate.js in Internet Explorer ver 7.0 bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9759 jquery diaplog box - close icon sometimes hidden bug low 1.5.1 invalid
#9766 jQuery mouseover function anonymous bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9768 Multi-Select, Drag & Drop plugin with v1.4.2, but not with v1.6.2? bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9770 validate(); for IE 8 not work bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9778 jquery-1.6.2.min and jquery.validate 1.6 validate function not work 100% correct bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#9781 UI Tabs is not working in IE9 bug low 1.6.2 invalid
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