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#5316 replaceAll only the first element from the matched set replaces the selector set bug high 1.4.2 fixed
#6201 insertAfter() bug in opera 10 bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6223 html() not browser agnostic. Returns ids and classes without qoutes in IE bug 1.4.2 wontfix
#6227 $(arrayofElements).appendTo(...) fails bug 1.4.2 fixed
#6257 Bug in cleanData bug 1.4.2 fixed
#6268 clone() doesn't copy "own properties" of html elements in firefox and safari bug 1.4.2 wontfix
#6289 .toggleClass() doesn't react on every click on IE7 and IE8 bug 1.4.2 worksforme
#6331 BUG on Setting value to hidden input bug undecided 1.4.2 worksforme
#6351 $elm.append() not consistent with $().appendTo() bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6406 when append(),html()...the IE6 will die kevein2008 bug low 1.2.6
#6438 delegate without events - call function when selection is matched bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6455 Strange behaviour of jQuery(elementArray) bug low 1.4.2 fixed
#6490 append vs. appendTo bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6494 clone(true) causes stack overflow error in ie on sortable elements bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#6580 Element creation and append fails. bug 1.4.2 worksforme
#6585 Non-immediate .hide() pulls <li> from <ol> list bug undecided 1.4.2 worksforme
#6606 jQuery(selector).val("") does not set value="" bug 1.4.2 worksforme
#6619 jquery animate not working with flash object bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#6628 change HTML to div inside a tag bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6630 UI/API/1.8/Dialog weird resizing bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6649 browser hangs up while $.append() bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6679 Dynamic area map fails on Safari/Chrome bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#6733 make html(fn) use innerHTML if possible enhancement undecided 1.4.2 fixed
#6745 jQuery UI Tabs Plugin Update of _tabId regex for replace bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6803 html function doesn't work on BlackBerry bug 1.4.2 duplicate
#6814 Issue with the word "watch" -- childNodes is undefined bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6819 Creating DOM elements fails in IE when no closing tag bug 1.4.2 duplicate
#6856 Should .appendTo accept a context for the selector? enhancement 1.4.2 duplicate
#6878 html() has weird behavior for divs nested inside anchors in FireFox bug undecided 1.4.2 invalid
#6915 val(#) no longer matches text node of option with a different value attribute bug 1.4.2 invalid
#6986 append() and appendTo() not functionally equivalent bug 1.4.2 invalid
#7040 wrap on div with javascript re-executes the javascript bug 1.4.2 invalid
#7066 More streamlined technique of appending a list enhancement undecided 1.4.2 wontfix
#7072 clone() broken for actions in IE8 bug undecided 1.4.2 duplicate
#7073 The .text() function doesn't return contents of a non-script script tag in IE (7, 8) bug undecided 1.4.2 wontfix
#7082 Manipulation test incorrectly failing for old Webkit based Browsers bug low 1.4.2 fixed
#7105 jQuery error at line 4448 in Safari (Mac, iPad, iPhone) bug high 1.4.2 worksforme
#7133 Adding an array to html() causes an error bug low 1.4.2 invalid
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