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#4146 jQuery width inconsistency with buttons bug high 1.5.2 invalid
#4560 .position().left incorrect in Chromium (possibly webkit) bug low 1.3.2 worksforme
#6610 Inconsistent behavior setting dimensions with .height(val) and .width(val) bug low 1.4.2 wontfix
#7782 Cannot get width of table column in Chrome anonymous bug low 1.4.4 invalid
#7928 Firefox gives wrong height and width for percentage-styled elements within a hidden iframe bug low 1.4.4 cantfix
#7948 .offset() does not take body border into account bug low 1.4.4 patchwelcome
#8002 Issues in Safari/Chrome to calculate position, innerWidth when an image without a declared width is in the layout scannercf bug low 1.4.4 worksforme
#8043 Filter function does not fire on all items in AppleWebKit leomrozek@… bug low 1.4.4 worksforme
#8048 overflow:scroll gives wrong width in IE8 bug low 1.4.4 patchwelcome
#8051 col .width() of a colgroup returns 0 bug low 1.4.4 duplicate
#8207 outerWidth(true) returns width of parent in Chrome9 bug high 1.5 duplicate
#8325 $("select"). [width/innerWidth/outerWidth] incorrect in Safari 5.0.3 Win bug low 1.5 worksforme
#8345 document width includes scrollbar in IE but not in FF bug low 1.5 duplicate
#8362 postion and offset differing in browers when CSS transforms in use moronicbajebus bug low 1.5 patchwelcome
#8552 width() en height() functions return element's percentage value minus %-sign when parent's display is 'none' bug low 1.5.1 duplicate
#8625 $(window).height() within iframe juancaaltamirano@… bug high 1.4.1 invalid
#8638 [IE9] Function height() not working contact@… bug undecided 1.5.1 invalid
#8663 outerWidth Bug in Chrome and Safari kadishmal bug undecided 1.4.4 invalid
#8797 jQuery innerWidth() throws ownerDocument is null Rick Waldron bug high 1.5.1 invalid
#8816 Google Chrome .height(), .innerHeight(), .outerHeight() sometimes return Same values Chaoser bug undecided 1.5.2 invalid
#8903 outerWidth(true) Causes Window location to jump to top of window in Chrome anonymous bug low 1.5.2 worksforme
#8952 outerWidth calculated differently in FF4 and IE8 (jQuery 1.6b) bug low 1.6b1 fixed
#9331 $(document).width(), $(document).height() unreliable in IE6, 8 and 9 bug low 1.6.1 cantfix
#9417 dimensions are unretrievable on an element whose parent is hidden and does not have any styles set bug low 1.6.1 duplicate
#9441 innerWidth, innerHeight, outerWidth, outerHeight are inaccurate for child of hidden parent bug low 1.6.1 fixed
#11623 $(document).width() miscalculation in FF 10.0.1 cavo@… bug low 1.7.2 wontfix
#12008 Element is reflowed once $.outerWidth(true) is called (when $.support.reliableMarginRight = false) mikesherov bug low 1.7.2 patchwelcome
#12310 $(window).height() and .width() do not work in IE6 and IE7 ebradsha bug low 1.8.0 wontfix
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