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#11292 Error During Done Function on a Promise Is Skipped on Subsequent Runs bug low 1.7.1 notabug
#9846 .done() does not fire when animation has complete callback bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#9446 Chained Deferred.pipe functions don't keep the original context from Deferred.resolveWith jaubourg bug low 1.6.1 fixed
#8256 $.when should accept an array of promises enhancement low 1.5 wontfix
#9016 .then() should return a new promise enhancement undecided 1.5.2 wontfix
#9246 IE debugger does not like the last curly bracket shown here bug high 1.6 duplicate
#9517 no catch praise in 997 line jaubourg bug low 1.6.1 duplicate
#9718 IE Bug in try..catch..finally bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#10836 $.when().always() only passes results of rejected promises bug high 1.7.1rc1 invalid
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