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#7665 $.fn.data broken in jQuery 1.4.4 (related to pulling HTML5 data- attributes) cobexer bug high 1.5 worksforme
#6842 Expando Collision Possible With noConflict() SlexAxton bug high 1.4.3 fixed
#6968 "handle" won't work as a key for .data() method snover bug blocker 1.4.3 fixed
#7239 JSLint Check: Line 1279 character 22: 'data' is already defined. john bug low fixed
#7524 Calling $.fn.data without arguments on a non-DOMelement in 1.4.4 snover bug blocker 1.4.4 fixed
#7840 Element data cache is not cleared on removeData() when the method is called without arguments snover bug blocker 1.4.4 fixed
#2316 removeData for complete namespaces enhancement low 1.5 wontfix
#7717 .clone(true) does not clone data properly dmethvin bug blocker 1.5 wontfix
#7241 .data() doesn't parse JSON strings, but accepts all other JSON notation bug low 1.4.3 duplicate
#7573 Performance Optimization for: getData/setData/changeData Rick Waldron enhancement high 1.4.4 duplicate
#8042 jQuery.data() should have better behavior when int overflows bug high 1.4.4 duplicate
#6345 Allow .data() to accept a function for its setter argument kswedberg enhancement undecided 1.5 invalid
#8047 .data function bug fddima@… bug low 1.5rc1 invalid
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