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#760 .css('fontSize') returns different value in Internet Explorer bug minor 1.3.2 fixed
#2661 Browser detection IE (and possibly other browsers) flesler bug major 1.4a1 fixed
#2690 $.trim() doesn't work in IE7 bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#2697 replaceWith should remove before adding flesler bug major 1.4a1 fixed
#2977 wrap() methods lose events bug minor 1.4a1 fixed
#3039 Older Safari versions crash in makeArray flesler bug minor 1.4a1 fixed
#3331 curCSS() doesn't convert negative em/% values properly in IE flesler bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#3502 Opacity set for 1 causes problems in IE bug major 1.4a1 duplicate
#3552 .wrapInner() won't work on empty elements flesler bug minor 1.4a2 fixed
#3680 Leading/trailing space not treated consistently in className bug minor 1.3.2 fixed
#3688 [PATCH] Prevent changing of @type for BUTTONs as well as INPUTs brandon bug minor 1.2.6 fixed
#3732 Fix for css properties problem under IE bug major 1.4a2 worksforme
#3981 IE 6 & 7 reports incorrect CSS opacity values in jQuery 1.3.1 brandon bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4011 Internet explorer 7.0.6001.18000 crashes on append john bug major 1.4a1 fixed
#4017 IE7 wants to run ActiveX add-on bug critical 1.3.2 fixed
#4113 Standardize on .test() for RegExp bug major 1.3.1 fixed
#4150 jQuery(str) has Performance/Crash issues with space right padded strings. bug major 1.4a2 fixed
#4200 $.fn.filter() and $.fn.not() are needlessly asymmetrical bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4203 firefox: color values on tags inside a frame are #00000 unless css is inline bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4205 jQuery.filter used incorrectly in .remove() bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4207 toggleClass does not read the state argument bug major 1.3.2 worksforme
#4215 Attribute "value" does not work well bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4216 css function does not handle negative width and height in key/value pairs brandon bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4222 .remove() and .empty() are taxing bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4227 $.extend erratic behavior with objects that have a length property bug low 1.3.2 worksforme
#4230 $('<link/>').attr crashes IE8rc1 bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4238 errors creating jquery objects on large strings in safari and chrome bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4240 Optimize .find() and jQuery() bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4246 Results from .children() should be sorted in order bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4250 Remove the use of internal .push/splice/sort methods bug major 1.3.2 wontfix
#4254 Traversing not finding siblings within paragraphs bug minor 1.3.2 invalid
#4256 Can't create iframe with jQuery('html) bug undecided 1.3.2 invalid
#4259 Plugin works fine in bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4264 Multiple exceptions in (X)HTML documents produced by XSLT bug major 1.3 duplicate
#4267 document.body is null in Firefox 3 bug minor 1.3.2 worksforme
#4269 Optimize structure of .css() and .attr() bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4274 jQuery.index() is +1 for document.body elements in IE 7 bug major 1.3.1 invalid
#4291 IE6 problem by val() determination in SELECT boxes bug critical 1.3.2 invalid
#4295 Output of .css(name); for combined properties like margin and padding is inconsistent across browsers and how the style is set brandon bug major 1.3.2 patchwelcome
#4299 attr(attrName, newAttrValue) fails on object which has child with name=attrName flesler bug major 1.4a1 duplicate
#4303 including jquery in firefox extension XUL overlay causes overlay to stop loading bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4304 failed test 64 (.text) on Chrome bug low 1.3.2 worksforme
#4315 Jquery.param encoding wrong bug critical 1.3.2 duplicate
#4327 jQuery.map doesn't respect arrays bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4337 Interation over array in google chrome iterate ascending by the array keys bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4338 Wrong browser version in IE with mail.ru agent software bug minor 1.3.2 duplicate
#4374 :hidden != :not(:visible) brandon bug minor 1.3.2 fixed
#4390 $('input[type=checkbox]').val() doesn't return checked or unchecked status bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4395 css('padding') doesn't work correctly in each browser bug critical 1.3.2 duplicate
#4405 <li> list-styles don't show up right after fadeIn() on ie7 bug minor 1.3.2 wontfix
#4437 Bug with IE6: removing a selected attribute raise an error bug minor 1.3.2 invalid
#4442 Cannot insert <object>...</object> in ie with the html() method. bug major 1.3.2 worksforme
#4443 Causes conflict with other addons when used in a Firefox extension bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4447 Creating an element leaks memory in ie7 brandon bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4457 text() with XML parsing is not working correctly in IE6/7 bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4460 setting some css values generates a error in IE bug critical 1.3.2 wontfix
#4484 Can't insert html code in <map> with firefox bug major 1.4a1 fixed
#4533 text(val) and new String bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4540 toggle for visibility does not work IE7, FF 3.0.6 and Safari 3.1.2 bug minor 1.3.2 wontfix
#4542 [IE] table not 'setting' tbody properly when using .html on it. bug minor 1.3.2 invalid
#4552 jQuery error running selenium with 1.3.2 in IE6 bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4554 INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR in Safari when using query context that not yet in the DOM bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4564 jQuery with html comments and whitespace inconsistent bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4568 val(value) on select elements only working in IE bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4585 AVIRA VIRUSSCAN SEES JQUERY.MIN.JS AS VIRUS bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4586 jQuery causing table borders to dissapear in FF3 bug minor 1.3.2 worksforme
#4592 Invalid element by specified index bug major 1.3.2 worksforme
#4604 replaceWith is not removing old content before adding new content bug minor 1.3.2 duplicate
#4608 Overflow left "visible" vs return to "auto" after animate on Safari on some MacBooks bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4611 Attribute type checkbox return undefined bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4627 JQuery appendTo Bug bug critical 1.3.2 invalid
#4631 Problem while iterating Checkboxes bug major 1.2.6 invalid
#4633 globalEval execution is delayed in Firefox if another script is executing krogot bug minor 1.3.2 invalid
#4644 index() successively returns -1 after first time while a result should have been found bug undecided 1.3.2 invalid
#4646 Cloning textareas - value is not cloned across bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#4673 :visible bug with table rows in IE6 and IE7 bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#4674 $.browser.version detect IE8 like 6.0 bug critical 1.3.2 worksforme
#4686 jquery 1.3.2 append(' ', ' ') crashes ie6, ie7 bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#4691 $('<input />').attr('name', 'name') [IE bug] bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4696 Clone() method not working when applied to editable BODY element bug major 1.2.6 invalid
#4699 Test #64 fails in jQuery test suite, in OmniWeb v5.9.2 bug minor 1.3.2 wontfix
#4700 Tests #25 and #26 fail in jQuery test suite, in Opera 9.64 (Mac) bug minor 1.3.2 worksforme
#4702 The val() method on a select element works incorrectly in IE bug minor 1.3.2 worksforme
#4707 Updating opacity in Internet Explorer breaks other currently used filters bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4712 IE8 error bug minor 1.3.2 invalid
#4718 Using html(val) causes multiple image reques in IE6 Gowtham bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4725 serialize() and val() returns the option title for <select> fields in Konqueror 3 and 4 bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#4733 makeArray sometimes breaks on DOM Elements flesler bug major 1.3.2 worksforme
#4742 DatePicker (jQuery-1.3.2 and jquery-ui-1.7.2) click event - not responding bug major 1.3.2 invalid
#4747 unicode garbage bug trivial 1.3.2 worksforme
#4761 hasClass() can't parse classes with newlines. bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#4770 JQuery extend does not copy date objects bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4795 Deactivate alpha filter in IE when set to 1.0 bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#4801 clean() reorders script tags without checking type attribute aq1018 bug low 1.3.2
#4805 .append breaks in IE8 with more than one string argument bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#4806 Node creation using $(html) breaks in IE when tag string is unclosed and attrs are used bug major 1.3.2 worksforme
#4808 IE losing whitespace when generating content from HTML with empty nodes bug major 1.3.2 duplicate
#4827 img with %-unit inside of inline-block element inside of scaled element does not size properly- whooo bug minor 1.3.2 invalid
#4833 isXml function throws an error in IE when used in combination with an iframe bug major 1.3.2 fixed
#4836 text() completely removes line breaks bug major 1.3.2 invalid
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