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#9812 $("#checkbox").attr("checked") don't work with jquery-1.6.2 bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#10034 $(":button").attr('disabled', true) can not work in 1.6.2 but 1.6.1 is ok bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#9927 $("select").attr("disabled", ""); does not work anymore bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#13650 $("select").val setter has a different behavior from Chrome to IE bug undecided 1.9.1 duplicate
#13433 $('#selector').checked for element does not work bug undecided 1.9.1 notabug
#10351 $('#xxoo').removeAttr('disabled'); Jimmy bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#12002 $('<select class="question" />'); vs $('<select />', {'class': 'question'}); produces different results in IE saiwong bug low 1.7.2 cantfix
#11562 $('a').attr('href') bug low 1.7.2 duplicate
#11598 $('li').removeAttr('value');//IE Error anonymous bug low 1.7.1 wontfix
#10108 $(form).serialize() requires "selected" attribute in IE anonymous bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#12702 $(string) somethings not right bug low 1.8.2 notabug
#10418 .attr doesn't work like previous versions luca.kenny13@… bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#12095 .attr method returns element name, for attributes mached in rboolean property bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#11529 .attr("name") returns this instead of the attribute bug low 1.7.2 duplicate
#13808 .attr("value", *** ) can set the value of an input element but it can't reset it bug undecided notabug
#10056 .attr('disabled','disabled') not working properly anonymous bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#11129 .attr('href') returns full url in IE7 bug low 1.7.1 cantfix
#9998 .attr('onchange') returns undefined bug low 1.6.1 worksforme
#12030 .attr() bug drowser differences IE8 anonymous bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#9804 .attr() takes only lowercase attribute names (in IE) gulgil enhancement low 1.6.2 worksforme
#10479 .prop select matching element instead of property bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#10136 .removeAttr has problems in chrome bug high 1.6.2 duplicate
#11923 .removeClass() should remove all occurrences of class name Rick Waldron bug low 1.7.2 fixed
#12411 .removeClass(undefined) works not as expected matthias.jaeggli@… feature low 1.8.0 fixed
#10252 .val() bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#10951 .val() raises cannot call method 'toLowerCase' bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10487 About attr dnorange@… bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#9955 Attribute selector with innerHTML and quotes bug low 1.5.1 worksforme
#13474 Boolean attribute (such as 'selected') cannot be set back after reset with Firefox Michel (R) bug undecided 1.9.1 notabug
#13056 Bug on accessing class name in addClass and Remove class? Michael van Engelshoven <michael@…> bug low 1.8.3 patchwelcome
#10325 Can't get value of hidden input bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#9881 Capitalize error message enhancement low 1.6.2 wontfix
#10248 Checkbox attribute "checked" error bug low 1.6.3 invalid
#9856 Checkbox checked returning value or undefined in 1.6.2 not true or false. bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#11339 Checkboxes do not retain value attribute bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#12086 Checking value for null after using property of value. Method "attr" deltaplans@… bug low 1.7.2 invalid
#11300 Docs Bug: The :contains() selector statement about quotes is confusing... enhancement low 1.7.1 fixed
#10262 Empty attributes gives undefined! doctor Rudolf bug low 1.6.4rc1 invalid
#12458 Error in IE8 when asigning property with prop() method bug low 1.8.1 wontfix
#12302 Error on attempting to call a .val() or .attr() method on <option> bug low 1.8.0 invalid
#9859 Event remove attribute disabled issue aphonso@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#10289 Fire propertyChangeEvent in $.extend function feature low 1.6.4rc1 wontfix
#10748 Firefox 7 doesn't work well with property val() of textareas luca450mhz@… bug low 1.4.4 invalid
#9910 Generally document behavior of setters when passed function returns undefined enhancement low 1.6.2 fixed
#10105 IE7 attr "name" for iframe + form target lukasz.zdanikowski@… bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#10745 IE7: selector does not work bug low 1.7 wontfix
#13189 Inconsistency with .attr() accessor and mutator for missing attributes bug low 1.8.2 notabug
#12133 Incorrect JQuery Documentation (or a bug) wfoster232@… bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11387 JQuery creates "placeholder" attribute on every input element bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10337 Jquery Validation Sumit Nangia bug undecided 1.6.4 invalid
#12639 Make toggleClass('active', function() { return bool; }) work oyasumi@… feature low 1.8.0 wontfix
#12763 Multiple arguments support in addClass feature undecided 1.8.2 wontfix
#15217 Performance issue using val() in Firefox Mottie bug undecided 1.11.1 plugin
#13738 Problem to define Attr to a select > option tag in Google Chrome bug undecided 1.9.1 notabug
#10910 Radio button attribute set to checked doesn't update UI bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11782 Radio buttons set as "required" and then "not required" still act as required and prevent form submit TylerRick bug low 1.7.2 fixed
#10463 RemoveAttr should check if attribute exist (when it's possible) before remove it markel enhancement low 1.7b1 patchwelcome
#10564 ScrollTop and ScrollLeft does not work bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#14495 Select .val() select a ghost option bug low 1.10.2 notabug
#10140 Set selected option fails tim_kiphuth@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#11488 Setting select attribute doesn't change dropdown position in firefox bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#12429 Setting size attribute for <input> fails in jQuery 1.8.0 bug low 1.8.0 wontfix
#11519 String replace BUG davide.falchetto@… bug undecided 1.7.2 duplicate
#10360 The Attribute Equals Selector doesn't seem to work with "hash" bug low 1.6.3 invalid
#11116 Trying to set attribute selected to anything sets it to "selected" r_rom@… bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#11336 Unchecking a radiobutton causes other radiobuttons in the same group to be unchecked bug low 1.7.1 fixed
#10196 Use native .cssList api in addClass, hasClass, removeClass, toggleClass prototypes enhancement low git duplicate
#11398 Using .prop() on "required" in IE bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10378 Val method always return undefined vivek.batra@… bug low 1.4.4 invalid
#11247 Will not grabb "a" as attribute. bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#12271 `.attr` and other such functions accepting a function returning an object feature low 1.8.0 wontfix
#9833 `maxLength` property is buggy in IE8/IE9 bug low git wontfix
#12380 array as argument for addClass, removeClass feature low 1.8.0 wontfix
#9952 attr ("disabled", true [or false or 1 or 0]) does not work properly in IE marllos bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#11618 attr bug in development version TobiDE bug low 1.7.2 worksforme
#10038 attr returns undefined for disbaled on non input elements bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#10502 attr should return an empty string, not undefined per DOM spec. bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#11166 attr("viewBox") broken by case folding timmywil bug low 1.7.1 wontfix
#10671 attr('attribute', undefined) doesn't return jQuery bug low 1.7 duplicate
#9890 attr('checked') is not doing right... bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#10073 attr('disabled') always return undefine bug low 1.6.2 worksforme
#11527 attr('href') returns object Rick Waldron bug blocker 1.7.2 invalid
#10249 attr() denis.rudov@… bug low 1.6.3 wontfix
#10179 attr() & prop() return -1 for undefined attributes worlorde@… bug low 1.6.2 invalid
#10530 attr()/removeAttr() functions problems seanconner@… bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#10757 attr(): on XML documents returns "undefined" Thomas Scheffler bug low 1.7 invalid
#10274 checked broken for radio buttons bug low 1.6.4rc1 duplicate
#13573 checked property should be treated specially bug undecided 1.9.1 duplicate
#12175 clientWidth and some other attributes are undefined in 1.7.2 by "attr" function. bug low 1.8rc1 invalid
#11143 cursor blink rate with mousemove event in IE8 Harald Proksch <Harald.Proksch@…> bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10309 defaultValue problem in attr() function (1.6.2, 1.6.4) bug low 1.6.4 invalid
#13014 demo in FAQ not working anonymous feature undecided 1.8.3 invalid
#10761 disabling textareas with prop() issue bug low 1.7 invalid
#10239 div (and other non-input elements?) .val no work. suckage. fbastage@… feature low 1.6.3 invalid
#12323 elment.attr('data-*, value) does not update element.dataset if data-* key does not exist bug undecided 1.8.0 worksforme
#10046 fail when attr("disabled",false) bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
#11468 form elements cann't get bug low 1.7.1 invalid
#10291 get files array from input type fule with multiple attribute powderkeg@… bug low 1.6.4rc1 invalid
#14654 get select element value bug bug undecided 1.10.2 wontfix
#10408 getting scrollHeight dont work anymore bug low 1.6.4 invalid
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