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#11547 XML DOM .removeAttr() doesn't remove cased attributes dmethvin bug low 1.7 fixed
#11153 jQuery 1.7 Strips Carriage Returns in IE 8 bug low 1.7.1 fixed
#11212 Sizzle.getText converts unbreakable space into whitespace on IE [email protected] bug low 1.7.1 fixed
#11734 Deprecate Boolean attrHooks such as checked, selected dmethvin enhancement low 1.7.2 fixed
#11962 Standardize getter return values for empty sets. bug low 1.7.2 fixed
#12127 Clone does not correctly copy checked state in IE10 [email protected] bug blocker 1.7.2 fixed
#9795 IE7,8 Has Attribute Selector for Colspan in TD and TH Tags mikesherov bug low 1.6.2 fixed
#9830 Getting the value of the "value" attribute using .attr("value") is the same as using .val() bug low 1.6.2 duplicate
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