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#9071 $('<option></option>').val('myValue') no longer sets value bug high 1.6 fixed
#9079 .attr("selected") returns non-useful value in 1.6 bug blocker 1.6 fixed
#9089 1.6 atrr() Inconsistant in IE7,8 bug low 1.6 fixed
#9094 Issue with jQuery 1.6: Can't uncheck checkboxes timmywil bug high 1.6 fixed
#9103 .attr('foo', true) not setting related DOM property bug blocker 1.6 fixed
#9123 Strange behavior of attr method when generate input element. bug high 1.6 fixed
#9129 jQuery does not support enumerated attributes such as contenteditable timmywil bug blocker 1.6 fixed
#9191 attr checked difference [email protected] bug low 1.6 fixed
#9210 jquery can't check checkboxes after manual checks bug low 1.6 duplicate
#9228 I can't get 'tagName' attribute from version 1.6. bug low 1.6 wontfix
#9234 find() forget object bug low 1.6 fixed
#9250 checkbox error bug low 1.6 duplicate
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