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Ticket #3746: jQuery_1_2_6_contains_returns_incorrect_result.js

File jQuery_1_2_6_contains_returns_incorrect_result.js, 0.8 KB (added by culyun, December 24, 2008 01:18AM UTC)
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
  var html = '';
  html += '<form class="the-form">';
  html +=   'silly text';
  html +=   '<img class="silly-img" src="potato.jpg"/>';
  html += '</form>';
  // create an unattached dom wrapped inside a jquery
  var dom = $(document.createElement('div')).html(html);
  var form = dom.find('.the-form');
  // As I read the documentation the output from the use of ':first' and 'first-child' selectors,
  // should be identical in the case of a trivial (single-element) selection set
  var firstElem = form.children(':first'); // ok, returns silly-img
  var firstNode = form.contents(':first'); // ok, returns 'silly text'

  firstElem = form.children(':first-child'); // ok, returns silly-img
  firstNode = form.contents(':first-child'); // fail, returns silly-img.  should return 'silly text'

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