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23:11 Ticket #7042 (ajax get not working after confirm-box) created by c.hiller76
To demonstrate the bug, this functions first alerts the data retrieved by …
14:00 Changeset [37b607d2815b893d13de4ac3461090d0dd46535e] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/css.js
  • src/dimensions.js
  • src/effects.js
  • src/offset.js
  • test/unit/css.js
  • test/unit/effects.js
Split apart jQuery.css into jQuery.css (computed values) and jQuery.style (currently set values).
11:46 Ticket #7041 (Bug in IE 8 when using accordion(s) inside a tab control) created by DevDyl
I have recently made a control for static content on an asp.net web page …
08:08 Ticket #7040 (wrap on div with javascript re-executes the javascript) created by peet
if i put a document.ready event inside a div, and then wrap the div with …
02:50 Ticket #7039 (Some IE bugs) created by corbee
the .live(change,function(){}); does not work in IE also there are …
02:30 Ticket #7038 (unable to access your tutorials webpage...) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Dup of #7035.


22:01 Ticket #7038 (unable to access your tutorials webpage...) created by mathelli
I keep having problems accessing your tutorials webpage... Database …
16:56 Ticket #7037 (Duplicate mouseover and mouseout events added to cloned element.) created by patrickwhalen
When cloning an element that has mouseenter or mouseleave events, the …
15:29 Ticket #7036 ($.unique() does not work correctly in Google Chrome) closed by john
invalid: $.unique() is only designed to work on DOM nodes, not on arrays of …
08:08 Ticket #7036 ($.unique() does not work correctly in Google Chrome) created by yun_cn
$.unique() does not work correctly in Google Chrome even though it works …
07:08 Ticket #7035 (Tutorial not accessible) created by bart.nicolotti@…
From home page when I go to Tutorial I got this error: Database error …
03:46 Ticket #7034 (effect.js uses variables defined in closure of css.js) created by arrix
I got an error calling .slideDown() with the latest build: Uncaught …


22:21 Ticket #7033 (UI/API/1.8/Datepicker Norwegian translation) created by moemar
The Norwegian translation of the datepicker is not up to date. Attached …
18:02 Ticket #7032 (Syntax error on comma expressions between parentheses, fails in Eclipse) created by verdy_p
This line in jQuery 1.4.2, within Sizzle() function chokes some javascript …
13:57 Changeset [492a2e2c5360a193b867df53e157a32af65f3f7e] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
Wrap the core return in parens to fix a confused JSLint.
13:52 Changeset [2131e1a7ad6d9df239ec00b301303e10dbd34d49] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • test/unit/effects.js
Removing leftover debug code.
12:24 Ticket #7031 (b in jQuery source is undefined) closed by john
invalid: What you posted is syntactically invalid - why not try: […]
08:30 Ticket #7031 (b in jQuery source is undefined) created by odessa-gun
var arr = $('#prototypeForm').toArray(); $.each(arr)(function(key, …


22:03 Ticket #7030 (Create jQuery.support.ajax) closed by john
fixed: Fixed. …
22:02 Changeset [959c20f76866c17e12e0c0bd2b2a8753d618550b] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
Add a flag to verify if a browser supports some form of XHR request. Fixes #7030.
22:01 Ticket #7030 (Create jQuery.support.ajax) created by john
Something like that might be useful (we could use it in jQuery Mobile).
22:00 Changeset [2bda99c18a0372eed02472e9d318676e180281da] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/css.js
  • src/effects.js
  • test/unit/effects.js
Making some more adjustments to handle auto CSS properties.
20:57 Ticket #7029 (Convert $("> ...") to .children()) created by john
We should be moving away from supporting > ... calls and automatically …
17:12 Ticket #7028 (Data and event handling breaks with derivation from Array type) created by mathbr
If one tries to derive from the base type "Array", neither data nor event …
16:52 Ticket #6834 ($.ajax doesn't uri encode a string input automatically) reopened by xiaoyongaz
The ajax isn't used because I need to setup a server to show it and it's …
01:52 Ticket #7027 (jquery scroll) created by kingshare
example: var em=$('<div></div>'); em.scroll(function(){ do something }) …


01:13 Ticket #7025 (Method .text() Works in Firefox, Fails in IE) closed by dmethvin
worksforme: There already is a cross-browser way to set and get the title, …


15:53 Ticket #7026 (Image Attribute Extraction Fails in IE, Works in Firefox) created by rwadams
URL:  http://www.hymntime.com/tch/htm/h/o/template.htm In Firefox 3.6.9, …


23:24 Ticket #7025 (Method .text() Works in Firefox, Fails in IE) created by rwadams
Test page:  http://www.hymntime.com/tch/htm/h/o/template.htm Lines 91-92 …
21:17 Ticket #7024 (Null element error when unselecting multiple select options) created by bigredradio
I am not sure how this is happening, but I found the area that needs to be …
13:42 Ticket #7023 (jQuery.support leaves Orphan nodes around) created by chancharles
For these two support features: optSelected: …
09:19 Ticket #7017 (Global Ajax Events ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError and ajaxComplete do ...) reopened by zorneck
Ok, I found out, what the problem is, I set the context to this ('this' is …
08:42 Ticket #7021 (ajax async problems) created by thomaswesson
i dont what it is i m have developing with jquery from last 2 yrs there …


21:42 Ticket #6119 (serialize filter out disabled inputs) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The W3C says disabled elements are not "successful" and therefore should …
21:36 Ticket #4874 (serializeArray ignores input[type=image|submit]) closed by dmethvin
worksforme: When you call .serializeArray(), there is no button that was pressed. Even …
20:45 Ticket #7020 (Wrapping an iframe resets it) created by propeng
When wrap() or wrapAll() is used on an iframe with designMode set to on, …
20:34 Changeset [8b7015987cbd24c79f328bcf9260a6596a785bf5] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/css.js
Only set height/width if it's a non-negative number (don't set it to 0).
20:33 Changeset [cb3a9c14f1d69a60777a887a7807d7d11c5cb0a1] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/dimensions.js
Make sure that height/width methods return numbers instead of strings.
20:29 Changeset [c168c30a6afb1b3af1dee81119dbfdd3bef50d61] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/css.js
Another logic bug caught by furf in ad950c8c5992937640a1e1aca8d63bb476b001f6.
20:26 Changeset [c36596ea58a69f7772b61829f8d0609a6fb1d9a0] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/css.js
Make sure that the CSS hook getter isn't called if a forced computed style is done.
20:13 Ticket #7019 (AJAX DELETE request never completes in IE) created by MoonScript
When you issue an AJAX DELETE request, IE stops at readyState 2 (headers …
19:48 Changeset [70377a65e2a1c8478f3dc1e0e125b7b25b5324f3] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • test/unit/effects.js
Make sure that effect tests no longer reference the old CSS methods.
19:45 Changeset [a166860a19a5d0de4529e4df4cb6647b3812577e] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/effects.js
Adding in a couple private variables to effects.js that were in css.js.
19:42 Changeset [7c8588530abaf4e72154fe1f59c04aae217a32b8] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/css.js
Make sure that string values are returned from the height/width CSS properties.
19:35 Changeset [194c93eca2c3cfccbf74236587537d9892d88b1d] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • src/attributes.js
  • src/core.js
  • src/css.js
  • src/dimensions.js
  • src/effects.js
  • src/event.js
  • src/manipulation.js
  • src/offset.js
  • src/support.js
Merge branch 'master' into csshooks Conflicts: src/css.js
19:33 Changeset [ad950c8c5992937640a1e1aca8d63bb476b001f6] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/css.js
Landing a bunch of bug fixes from furf's pull request at eefcbaebb31b89b5eb360cd5ec6165b89c84e75f.
19:03 Ticket #7018 (Bug in some specific subversion at IE 7 in $.ajax) created by blagus
In some very specific versions of IE7, a javascript bug occours in $.ajax: …
15:54 Ticket #7017 (Global Ajax Events ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError and ajaxComplete do ...) closed by john
worksforme: No, that is to be expected - start and stop are different from the …
15:41 Ticket #7017 (Global Ajax Events ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError and ajaxComplete do ...) reopened by zorneck
I currently use version 1.4.2. I tested these events in firefox 3.6.9 and …
14:34 Changeset [1ed405176bfac58f35c3027006e152a4725fd63b] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
Trim out the module wrappers during the build process. Follow-up to #7011.
14:23 Ticket #7017 (Global Ajax Events ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError and ajaxComplete do ...) closed by john
worksforme: Do you have more details? They appear to work in all of your test cases.
14:20 Changeset [82b35a4f2c11dc72178b78a1256b20d72b09708d] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/support.js
Removing extraneous argument.
14:08 Ticket #7017 (Global Ajax Events ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError and ajaxComplete do ...) created by zorneck
The global ajax events ajaxSend, ajaxSuccess, ajaxError and ajaxComplete …
13:00 Ticket #7016 (Selector [attribute=value]) created by janroald@…
<input name="a[b]" /> <input name="a[b][c]" /> $('[name=[a[b]]') works …
12:23 Changeset [2663041924af36a26a30e60da5d97e2ab9fed5ec] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
Make sure that jQuery is being exposed outside of core (this will be stripped during the build process). Follow-up to #7011.
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