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22:42 Ticket #5872 (ajax calls succes instead of error on server error) created by arj
Way to reproduce: request a page, and on load do a local …
22:39 Ticket #5871 (jQuery.get in IE7 fails with dataType json) created by cwinkelmann
In jQuery 1.4 when running a get call with dataType of json fails to …
19:50 Ticket #5870 (Specifying context fails for selector when context is a wrapped string) created by tvanfosson
When checking a string for the existence of an element by specifying the …
18:08 Ticket #5869 (SELECT element change event firing on focus first time in IE) created by nberardi
This bug is very easy to reproduce. I have personally verified it exists …
17:55 Ticket #5639 (Binding a function to submit() a form fails in FF 3.0.15 and Chrome) closed by dmethvin
17:16 Ticket #5868 (:contains() Selector fails to find match when string is passed as a ...) created by gloddy
Passing :contains a direct string works: $('ul …
16:18 Ticket #5867 (hasClass() behaviour change) created by valugi
I updated my application to 1.4 from 1.3.2 and this stops working. 1.3.2 …
15:57 Ticket #5866 (.ajax() fails in IE7 when using an absolute url without protocol) created by skrings
From jQuery 1.3.2 to 1.4 the detection of the XHR object has changed. In …
11:34 Ticket #5865 (Allow User To Specify A Reviver Function For Parsing JSON In AJAX Requests) created by MrKWatkins
The native JSON.parse method allows an optional reviver function to be …
09:49 Ticket #5864 (.attr with iframe doesn't work correctly in IE and Opera) created by caimano
The syntax .attr('scrolling','no') to iframe doesn't work in IE 6-8 and …
06:50 Ticket #5863 (.load ajax data transfer size limit) created by bart_b
There seems to be a limit of +- 15kb, maybe 20 on the amount of characters …
06:27 Ticket #5862 (jQuery 1.4.0 breaks URL for AJAX GET if data contains key named "length") created by jcrocholl
This used to work in jQuery 1.3.2, but it's broken on 1.4.0: $.ajax({ …
05:19 Ticket #5861 (serialize and serializeArray not working) created by dvbreddy
Please see the attached html document, and here is the result when I …
02:32 Ticket #5860 (preventDefault() does not work in live('submit, ...) when triggered from ...) created by orderedlist
When triggering a form submission from the submit() method, the event …
00:14 Ticket #5859 (Firefox window.JSON throws uncaught exception when an HTTP Status Code is ...) created by coolaj86
Firefox has a bug in which it turns the content of non-200 status code XHR …
00:05 Ticket #5858 (allow user to add a delimiter to the text() function) created by aklimchak
If I want to get all of the text from a series of elements, I would think …
00:03 Ticket #5857 (IE transparency turns opaque with fadein, fadeout, etc) created by coolaj86
Consider a blocker screen that comes up prompting for passwords. The …


22:53 Ticket #5851 (IE8 does not support the change event while using live) closed by john
fixed: Fixed. …
22:52 Changeset [435772e29b4ac4ccfdefbc4045d43f714e153381] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event.js
Adding in the change recommended by Alexander Farkas to fix some bugs in the change delegation logic. Fixes #5851.
22:19 Changeset [257a4693f4870489e779ae75e5c8ce5374b080a0] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event.js
Fix missing var declaration for the length iterator.
20:58 Ticket #5856 (namespaced events remain on DOM object when calling remove()) created by martinbraun
There is a problem with deregistering handlers when an element is removed …
19:18 Ticket #5855 (inline onclick return false target="_blank" ie8) created by designerno1
<a onclick="return false;" target="_blank" title="test" …
16:16 Ticket #5854 (Class selector bug when returning length in IE8) created by daverage
The following code works fine in firefox alert($('#compromisos …
15:23 Ticket #5853 (Ajax callback context is not original object.) created by borgar
Callbacks pass a different object as a context than the one originally …
15:12 Ticket #5852 (.live() support for multiple types) created by iraebrasil
This enhancement is to provide a more uniform API. Today the user can: …
14:54 Ticket #5851 (IE8 does not support the change event while using live) created by matiasnu
According to  http://jquery14.com/day-01/jquery-14 The change and submit …
13:32 Ticket #5850 ($('X+Y Z') does not works in IE) created by mat
this kind of selector: $('X+Y Z') does not works in IE (not tested in …
13:27 Ticket #5849 (Load method does not work correctly in Firefox) created by vanches
Bug with jquery method 'load' Description: In FireFox does not work method …
12:23 Ticket #5848 (OnChnage event firing incorrectly in IE8) created by g-spot-web
In IE8, the "onchange" event is firing even when a dropdown list is just …
10:43 Ticket #5847 (Problem with XHTML) created by Cédric
I'm working with jqtouch. It doesn't work with XHTML pages (header.xhtml) …
09:23 Ticket #5846 (slideToggle in Internet Explorer 6) created by achu
The demo in  http://api.jquery.com/slideToggle/ has some issues. It works …
08:41 Ticket #5845 (Error with closing tags in query 1.4 and html method (1.3.2 was OK)) created by ecentinela
When using the html in 1.4 the elements are not injected correctly. In …
05:22 Ticket #5844 (Global Ajax Event is not compatible with version 1.3.2) created by quaff
$().ajaxSuccess(function(ev, xhr) {test()}); doesn't works for 1.4.0 it …


23:29 Ticket #5843 (issue with callback function in $().load) created by rack72
code below works perfectly well on 1.3.2. with 1.4 , no "hello" alert …
22:05 Ticket #5842 (xhr.readyState Exception) created by john
18:58 Ticket #5841 (Race condition (sync/async) bug in remove) created by PSS
I have html <div id ="something"> something something something something …
14:25 Ticket #5840 (ajax callbacks lose exceptions) created by borgar
The following code should throw an error ("DOES_NOT_EXIST is not …


22:10 Ticket #5689 (live function for focus events no longer works) closed by john
wontfix: We are no longer supporting focus/blur in live (since they aren't actually …
16:47 Ticket #5839 (exception string not passed to error handlers in onreadystatechange fn) created by malsup
The call to jQuery.handleError in the onreadystatechange function does not …
15:12 Ticket #5838 (Make sure regular settings object is passed as context for Ajax callbacks) closed by john
fixed: Fixed. …
15:11 Changeset [155ecf42a0033785160e071507f0795b3c86a32b] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
  • test/unit/ajax.js
Make sure regular settings object is set as context for all Ajax requests, if none is specified. Fixes #5838.
15:10 Ticket #5838 (Make sure regular settings object is passed as context for Ajax callbacks) created by john
14:59 Ticket #5823 (Change events fires in IE8 on clicking in select box) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Duplicate of #5800.
12:09 Ticket #5837 (the :checked selector will select a select a option in Firefox) created by megaman
As the following code, it will alert "OPTION" when document ready. …
11:02 Ticket #5836 (1.4 throws exception when selecting custom tag in IE) created by mike_t2e
I've an HTML page with custom tags in it that I need to get the .html() …
10:35 Ticket #5835 (Inline script events and "live") created by superware
Registering a live event somehow affects inline script events, even when …
06:36 Ticket #5834 (event.special namespacing bug) created by cowboy
Perhaps I'm missing something, but an jQuery.event.special add method …
04:06 Ticket #5827 (html()) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The current version is jQuery 1.4 and the bug you are reporting was never …


22:46 Changeset [6618ff0b0abe38a0914d8afe0a2b271c977adf6b] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/manipulation.js
Removed some dead code from buildFragment. Thanks to Sean Catchpole for the suggestion.
22:40 Ticket #5833 (Greasemonkey "@require" error) created by eegee
When including either "jquery-1.4.js" or "jquery-1.4.min.js" using the …
22:09 Ticket #5832 (Webkit radio input Node.cloneNode-related regression in jQuery 1.4 (patch ...) created by mmonteleone
I am truly impressed with the quality of significant optimizations in the …
21:38 Ticket #5831 (jQuery 1.4 bug) created by berkel
jQuery 1.3.2 $('<div><script></script></div>'); [div] jQuery 1.4 …
21:33 Ticket #5830 (When listening to ajax events, the caller property of the function is ...) created by sebagon
When listening to any ajax event and trying to get the stacktrace using …
21:06 Ticket #5829 (appendTo broken in IE6) created by DCameronMauch
$('select#left option:selected').remove().appendTo('select#right'); works …
20:41 Changeset [199a721103b17c18dea7a9abaeb79866ef4a7f51] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event.js
Expose the proxy object on the object, for the benefit of plugin authors (Thanks to Justin Meyer for the suggestion).
19:42 Ticket #5828 (show("normal"), hide("normal"), toggle("normal") not working.) created by streetlogics
Was previously using jquery 1.3.2 and ui 1.7.3. Just updated this morning …
19:14 Ticket #5827 (html()) created by joshdean2000
When I keep doing html(data) to the same object eventually it stops …
18:46 Ticket #5826 ($.POST() AND $.GET() "Type" BUG) created by HexKrak
$.post( '/path/to/action', {key:val, key2:val2}, function(json, status, …
18:01 Ticket #5825 (Firefox 2 crashes badly in jQuery onload) created by andrecassal
jQuery 1.4 causes firefox 2.0 to crash in the jQuery file load. Based on …
17:44 Ticket #5820 (the val() method returns checkbox value incorrectly) closed by dmethvin
16:33 Ticket #5824 (jquery1.4,jquery UI ,dialog) created by liugehao
dialog attribute 'show' bug $("#dialog").dialog({ show:'slide', …
15:52 Ticket #5808 (Documentation typo on jQuery 1.4 site for jQuery.isEmptyObject()) closed by dmethvin
fixed: Thanks!
15:49 Changeset [eb496f757a1eebef14eb5a1fdd971cc553f3540b] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
The inArray declaration was accidentally duplicated.
14:39 Ticket #5814 (Ajax code works in 1.3.2, but fails in 1.4 (final)) closed by dmethvin
wontfix: I think your good idea collided with jQuery 1.4's good idea. :) …
14:32 Ticket #5823 (Change events fires in IE8 on clicking in select box) created by daxx909
The Change event fires in IE8 even when no changes are made to the …
14:08 Ticket #5822 (new Function not allowed after page load in Adobe AIR) created by dmethvin
13:59 Ticket #5821 (mouseenter/leave behave like mouseover/out with live events) created by korchev
The description says it all. Please check the attached repro file.
12:22 Ticket #5820 (the val() method returns checkbox value incorrectly) created by jannostern
Starting from the version 1.4 jQuery always seems to return the value of …
10:42 Ticket #5819 (appending a stylesheet to the 'head' element doesn't work in IE8) created by r.oosterholt
jQuery("head").append("<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' …
10:34 Ticket #5818 (javascript doesn't work in ajax if cached) created by geki007
if you click 3 times (it's cached already) on the link then you cannot see …
10:33 Ticket #5817 (jquery parents() method index bug) created by inferpse
HTML: <table class="test"> <thead> <tr> <th>title1</th> <th>title2</th> …
10:28 Ticket #5816 (href onclick return doesn't work in IE7/8 with a $(function(){ live click ...) created by geki007
if you click on link it shouldn't do something but it goes to "/test" (see …
09:48 Ticket #5815 (jQuery 1.4 fails with JSON on Chrome) created by ckruse
jQuery 1.4 throws a parse error with json AJAX requests; same JSON with …
07:44 Ticket #5814 (Ajax code works in 1.3.2, but fails in 1.4 (final)) created by daxx909
In order to maintain object context I use a serverObject function. …
06:13 Ticket #5813 (Safari: jQuery 1.4.0 fails to fire the ready() event when navigating to ...) created by oliverlangan
In jQuery 1.4.0 release, Safari no longer fires the $(document).ready() …
05:47 Ticket #5812 (Should look for =%3F in addition to =?) created by harrisms
The ajax function searches for =? in the data string to replace it with …
05:30 Ticket #5811 ($("#id").load doesn't work in opera and firefox) created by john_lucky
tml> <head> <script type="text/javascript" …
04:12 Ticket #5810 (`children` selector or scoped selector combined with attribute selectors ...) created by dougneiner
A really strange selector bug came up the other night when I was helping a …
02:24 Ticket #5809 (Content type on http://api.jquery.com/api/ is not application/xml) created by ptarjan
Currently you have: Content-Type text/html; charset=UTF-8 I'd recommend …
01:59 Ticket #5805 (Odd behavior when trying to select option elements with the "selected" ...) closed by dmethvin
fixed: I'll close the ticket since it's reported as fixed in 1.4.
01:51 Ticket #5807 (Well-formed markup unneeded for single tags) closed by dmethvin
fixed: I've tried to clarify it a bit, if you think it still needs work add a …
01:24 Ticket #5808 (Documentation typo on jQuery 1.4 site for jQuery.isEmptyObject()) created by mattlong
Documentation reads "This returns true if there are any properties on the …
00:27 Ticket #5807 (Well-formed markup unneeded for single tags) created by SidneySM
The documentation at < http://api.jquery.com/jQuery/#jQuery2> goes into …


23:48 Ticket #5806 (jQuery leaves textnodes in replaceWith) created by Sebmaster
I think the title describes the problem pretty good. If i call replaceWith …
21:57 Ticket #5805 (Odd behavior when trying to select option elements with the "selected" ...) created by supster
In short, the problem is that the following two lines do not select the …
16:21 Ticket #5804 (.live('focus') proxys through to .live('focusin')) created by paul.irish
and .live('blur') proxys through to .live('focusout')
15:25 Ticket #5803 (Set JSONP dataType is jsonpCallback is used) created by yehuda
If the user uses the jsonpCallback setting, we should automatically set …
15:24 Ticket #5802 (Load function error) created by bru.hf
the code below does not work in IE8: $('#centro #linha1 …
15:01 Ticket #5801 (enhancement: support .live('hover',fn)) created by paul.irish
basically just shorthand for .live('mouseenter mouseleave,fn);
10:49 Ticket #5800 (Change events fires in IE8 on clicking in text input box) created by hugo
When I bind the change event to text inputs in this manner: …
07:53 Ticket #5799 (wrapInner(function): inconsistent with wrapInner(html), callback scope is ...) created by ajpiano
wrapInner(function) does not have the same effect on an element as …
06:42 Changeset [201816d8c541e3b93d9a955af680999b6f690a38] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event.js
  • test/unit/manipulation.js
Merge branch 'master' of git@github.com:jquery/jquery
06:42 Changeset [4397f0fd41064346bce16772eec78cd5d2a1682e] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event.js
Removed extraneous thisObject references. Thanks to Matt Dunlap for the heads-up.
05:45 Changeset [37b909de6948ebb704375626831bfc80bd31290c] by Yehuda Katz <wycats@…>
  • test/unit/manipulation.js
wrapAll(Function) doesn't actually make sense. That's why I couldn't figure out how to test it!
02:02 Ticket #5798 (replaceWith(function) scope is broken) created by ajpiano
The context of the callback function is not right when you use …
01:28 Ticket #5783 (Check if jquery.js and thickbox.js is loaded) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This is a forum question, not a bug report.
01:27 Ticket #5780 (:visible selector - no effect in ff 3.0.16 under Ubuntu 8.04) closed by dmethvin
worksforme: If you see it again and it persists across a reboot, reopen with more …
01:08 Ticket #5782 (Jquery bug in IE) closed by dmethvin
invalid: > IE report an error It would be helpful to know the version of IE and …


22:07 Ticket #5797 (AJAX 'data' is processed differently in 1.3 versus 1.4rc1) created by TurnWheel
Current Version: 1.4rc1 Previous Version: 1.3.2 This is basically just a …
20:25 Changeset [812a247dc997fa09583c0557c6173f9ec58e7d60] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • version.txt
Updating the source version to 1.4.1pre.
20:23 Changeset [d431519d61f55af8bd1714d00126c948d888f3a9] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • test/unit/manipulation.js
We only care that some of the html return value is escaped, not necessarily all of it (as is the case in Safari 3.x).
19:00 Ticket #5796 (Large Numbers in JSON Data get Truncated by $.getJSON) created by qurban1970
When json data contains large numbers (eg: 413000000000000166743) as …
17:08 Ticket #5795 (bug in 1.4rc1) created by deckberg
looks like a problem with the jQuery Star Rating Plugin. …
16:24 Changeset [1960f28c0bf75b16e88460d6135058fd93202322] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event.js
Make sure no exception is thrown if no event handler is found (which is the case for applets, objects, and embeds).
15:23 Milestone 1.4 completed
14:29 Ticket #5794 (Make Sure null Params Aren't Traversed) closed by john
fixed: Fixed. …
14:29 Changeset [05aaa3395723bbb48906ee8a99464a2c4e1e4193] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
  • test/unit/ajax.js
Make sure that null params aren't traversed. Fixes #5794.
14:28 Ticket #5794 (Make Sure null Params Aren't Traversed) created by john
11:54 Ticket #5793 (Jquery IE error caused by UI slider / animate) created by GetafixIT
Hi, I am getting a problem with IE6 & IE7 (not tested IE8 yet), when …
08:47 Ticket #5792 (1.4rc1 [20090113] Ajax not working in FF3 (3.0.17)) created by alec
Error: setting a property that has only a getter Row: 4977 The code is: …
05:42 Ticket #5752 (jquery.ajax DELETE verb does not contain request body content) closed by john
fixed: Fixed. …
05:42 Changeset [23492fdf9fa6f2c3b8ee85d062fed74297f3c438] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
Send data if a DELETE Ajax request is done. Fixes #5752.
05:13 Ticket #5791 (Don't Attempt to Merge Disconnected Nodes in .add()) closed by john
fixed: Fixed. …
05:12 Changeset [5d49335eace4311de890b871e057d8b6e9122eb6] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/traversing.js
  • test/unit/core.js
Make sure that disconnected nodes aren't sorted/uniqued. Fixes #5791.
05:11 Ticket #5791 (Don't Attempt to Merge Disconnected Nodes in .add()) created by john
Same goes for window and document. It isn't a realistic use case and makes …
02:54 Changeset [8e53f7b5d6716e60d8c8ea7e167f2b187aae9d89] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • build.xml
  • src/core.js
  • src/event.js
  • test/unit/core.js
Fixed typo in logic, also disabled function setters in this case to allow the functions to passthrough and bind.
02:44 Changeset [b5f077ae6af6d644c5ae58ba9fd79a08dc58ba1e] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
Make sure that the xhr object still exists after the abort is called.


22:03 Changeset [1d8b3a9af22c6c34383b6653ecc1e44c48325b94] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event.js
Make sure that the focusin and focusout easy-bind methods are exposed.
21:50 Changeset [61983cbf176c599687c36ffbf4b64ae8697486a3] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
Make sure oldAbort is only called if the xhr object still exists.
19:54 Ticket #5790 (semicolon in css object value crashes webkit and ie) created by PSS
Crashes both jquery-1.3.2 and 1.4 alpha 2 in IE 8 and Webkit. I know it's …
18:57 Ticket #5789 (die() fails to remove handlers) created by paul.irish
bug in 1.4rc1 when die() is called without passing it an event type, it …
18:20 Ticket #5788 (jquery 1.4rc1) created by deckberg
version rc1 line 4968 I have a login box that uses the remote function to …
17:03 Ticket #5721 (Webkit: Radio checked state incorrect when creating an input with a name) reopened by sirshannon
Regardless of what the doctypes say about the attribute, I would expect …
16:06 Changeset [6776920301308e1c7f251a67bbecbb6761a1f7b7] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • version.txt
Updating the source version to 1.4.
16:06 Changeset [857d8afd6917775b7cef6fd22e57dd9acec77f01] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • version.txt
Tagging the 1.4rc1 release.
15:59 Changeset [dd45c324ecf12732185656de89b40d47e3b9d3ad] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
Simplified some of the logic for handling the ajax aborts, making sure that ajaxStop isn't called twice.
15:47 Changeset [d60b19781095f508e32a590c7ee112817b0794ee] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
ajaxStop was getting called too many times, separated some of the logic into the abort method itself.
15:33 Ticket #5787 (Opera Doesn't Fire Events on Abort) closed by john
fixed: Fixed. …
15:33 Changeset [c320e4f3c2174148e5c13276237abb01547d52f5] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
Accidentally removed the init from the Makefile selector build.
15:31 Changeset [7afe6dcc0837ac00cea7fbb7de6fb95b745148c2] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • src/ajax.js
Make sure that Opera fires events after an aborted Ajax attempt. Fixes #5787.
15:30 Ticket #5787 (Opera Doesn't Fire Events on Abort) created by john
08:54 Ticket #5786 (xhr.send should test if data property is undefined) created by rschouten
When using the $.ajax method with type 'POST' or 'DELETE' (probably other …
04:55 Changeset [4151ddef9d912ea48a404cfe4a0cf439a1f46815] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • test/unit/selector.js
Bringing some selector tests back from Sizzle.
04:32 Changeset [6114565ab54f507476ba093496bb917beca65c54] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
  • test/data/ua.txt
  • test/unit/manipulation.js
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jquery/jquery
04:32 Changeset [2c8af19a06c49dc2121d968c2609087b0a54e894] by jeresig <jeresig@…>
  • test/unit/manipulation.js
Some more touching up of the replaceWith tests.
03:42 Changeset [7be5ec1248c749ece648c8d80a71b45320556381] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
browser version detection revised for opera >= 10, which was reporting itself as 9.8 due to their new policy
03:42 Changeset [f14fadef7311ace7333b6522d4b6f44a9e54d6dc] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • test/data/ua.txt
adding extra useragents from trac tickets. correcting opera version
03:42 Changeset [8d7965a607bf91ec6855b626ab3885cd3488d167] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
fixed typo in comments
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