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23:20 Ticket #5433 ($( sel ).ajax( [ajaxOptions] )) created by kenman
++ Syntactical Sugar to load content into a DOM element -- no SS to …
22:56 Ticket #5432 (Voting on Trac) created by mofle
I would be great if there was some kind of voting on the tickets. This …
22:23 Ticket #5431 (jquery.fn.offset on 1.3.x series + IE6/7 (works fine with 1.2.6)) created by maniqui
This bug has been reported originally here: …
22:20 Ticket #5430 (animate width not working properly on Webkit? (1.3.2 vs. 1.2.6/1.3.1)) created by maniqui
This has been reported first here: …
22:00 Ticket #5429 (.text() and .html() are mangling values in incorrect ways in Internet ...) created by greg.hellings
In an effort to clean up strings of characters which might contain HTML …
19:59 Ticket #5428 (Change in IE's default ajax headers to prevent encoding problems) created by victorwss
There are a problem that arise from a difference in the HTTP headers sent …
01:49 Ticket #5427 ($.extend(false, target, obj) doesn't extend target itself) created by gminuses
After executing the following code: var target = { a: 1 }; …
00:43 Ticket #5426 (QUnit microformat incorrect) created by warpr
The QUnit documentation at …
00:31 Ticket #5425 (why does live() need to run a selection during intit?) created by Leeoniya
outlined here: …
00:22 Ticket #5424 (append(string) not working in IE8) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The name "class" is a reserved word, so you can't use it as a bare word in …
00:04 Ticket #5424 (append(string) not working in IE8) reopened by JeffMatthews


23:14 Ticket #5424 (append(string) not working in IE8) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Block elements (divs) should not be put inside an inline element (span). I …
20:13 Ticket #5424 (append(string) not working in IE8) created by JeffMatthews
On initial page load, there is a function call to laod information into a …
13:57 Ticket #5423 (Setting attr("usemap") requires camel-case property name in MSIE) created by vdboor
When assigning the usemap property to an image, it appears MSIE requires …
08:12 Ticket #5420 (Can't get CSS value of "border-spacing" on InternetExplorer8) created by sutara_lumpur
Error: (InternetExplorer8) $('table').css('border-spacing'); …
06:33 Ticket #5419 (IE finds wrong elements in XML doc) created by lectror
$xml_handel.find('ancestor descendant') is not working properly under IE.


23:21 Ticket #5417 (jquery ui.tabs and slidetoggle) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This is not a jQuery core bug. Your question would be best handled on the …
23:17 Ticket #5418 (this[0].ownerDocument is null in IE6) created by jmaki
In IE6, jQuery throws on error when attempting to calculate the body …
17:44 Ticket #5417 (jquery ui.tabs and slidetoggle) created by harisonq
I've tried to create an application using slidetoggle inside ui.tabs. …
16:41 Ticket #4604 (replaceWith is not removing old content before adding new content) reopened by jayfresh
I don't have a way to show you a simple test case right now, but I had …
15:10 Ticket #5416 (find('something:first') can return multiple results) created by dwt
Hi there, maybe I understand something wrong but from the documentation …
14:38 Ticket #4328 (Google Chrome Bug in Form Selectors) closed by davidserduke
invalid: Looks like this was a Chrome bug. Tried it in (which Google …
14:11 Ticket #5415 (validate - getting error messages) created by ThomasBauer
It would be helpfull to egt by the attributes put in HTML (for example: …
14:04 Ticket #4316 (Safari 4 Fade Issues) closed by davidserduke
worksforme: Seems to work in the release version of Safari 4 and the webkit ticket …
08:42 Ticket #5414 (Live event binding not matching selector) created by CarSandwich
When using this selector with the live() it will incorrectly bind to all …
03:00 Ticket #5412 (Refresh selectors) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This is not a bug or enhancement. Please ask for help on the forums.
02:21 Ticket #5413 (tag "img" width/height attribute is zero (IE)) created by Ammon
When img tag is hidden (style is "display:none" or contain in a div that …


20:51 Ticket #5412 (Refresh selectors) created by david71rj
On create a new element on screen, is need review all. See: $('table …
16:30 Ticket #5411 (Cannot use prototype methods for event handler) created by dinoboff
Here is the test: […] The test will fail. Only obj2.handler will be …
04:51 Ticket #5409 (Apply function every on create a new element) created by david71rj
On create a new element on screen, is need review all. See: $('table …
00:40 Changeset [50cf4351a6c4b0031f268279b093e38850b90cd6] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
  • src/event.js
Consistant splits using " " instead of "," This was used in several other areas, and IMO is easier to read and since nothing is multi-word then we misewell use " "


22:23 Changeset [81f65ce33931831dc651c5d3ebf2b31b551b6b8b] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • .gitmodules
  • Makefile
  • src/selector.js
  • src/sizzle
  • src/sizzle-jquery.js
Pull in the Sizzle library dynamically using a submodule and make it part of the jQuery build process.
22:07 Changeset [bbffc99f7c60d42d4286786dfd6a43aa31d62ae2] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
  • src/css.js
  • src/fx.js
  • src/manipulation.js
  • src/selector.js
  • src/traversing.js
Moved a bunch of methods out of the jQuery-specific Sizzle code into more-appropriate files, in jQuery itself.


22:21 Ticket #5408 (event.fix() for keypress() broke detection of Up/Down/etc. keys) created by powerman
The event.fix() function (line 2746 in jquery-1.3.2) change value of …
13:24 Ticket #5406 (selector + variable name cannot be the same in IE) closed by dmethvin
invalid: IE puts names and ids into the global namespace. jQuery can't really work …


21:42 Ticket #5407 (fadeOut Fails When an Element Has float:left) created by DavidSalahi
In this sample page: the div par1 fails to fade out when I click the text …
12:41 Ticket #5406 (selector + variable name cannot be the same in IE) created by IGonza
function testbug() { test_field = $("#test_field"); } <input …


15:55 Ticket #5405 (Use of "class" key in "attr()" properties object caused Safari to fail to ...) created by acoleman616
I had the following line of code in my JS file: $(object).attr({ class: …
15:13 Changeset [b7ccc58afec145120e8e675cf8fd30e9ea97f2a3] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
fix sed statement used to extract the date
07:25 Changeset [bcbd06b66fe49187c82b8233b1f1370980fff4d1] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • src/intro.js
Removed the revision info and fixed the date pull to work against git log instead of SVN.
02:06 Changeset [c7006d2fa54ee66cc0fa413aabe157a0248673e0] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • build/speed/benchmarker.css
  • build/speed/benchmarker.js
  • build/speed/index.html
  • build/speed/jquery-basis.js
Removing the old speed perf directory (the current one is in the main 'speed' directory).
01:57 Changeset [04ab7944102f99896a0662becf8e838fb9112412] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
Only need Java if you want to build a minified version of jQuery.
01:56 Changeset [b2e96801165e20822dd535525260f96d9199ac67] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
Removed the 'lite' build option (no longer used) and updated the README.
01:54 Changeset [cd05cac37f8e63608496788fc7afa5400c18752e] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • build/ant-contrib-0.6.jar
  • build/build/min.js
  • build/build/pack.js
  • build/js.jar
  • build/js/Packer.js
  • build/js/ParseMaster.js
  • build/js/Words.js
  • build/js/base2.js
  • build/js/jsmin.js
Cleaned out the build directory - a lot of old files that weren't being used anymore.
01:45 Changeset [1ef930b3845248379f37a6b26c826122e9f65932] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • ChangeLog.txt
  • reminder.txt
Removing some old text files.
01:44 Changeset [4c85dec058d0edc41f06f88cb605a9c133cb18e5] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
Added the submodule init/update to the Makefile for 'make test' and updated the README to be more current.
01:39 Changeset [920238d4851bc9b1ee22f6ebdffde9ed55cb1e91] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • .gitmodules
  • test/index.html
  • test/qunit
Pull in QUnit using a submodule. In order to build jQuery (and run the tests) you'll need to do 'git submodule init' and 'git submodule update' after checkout.
01:26 Changeset [4a51b12b95fe6c6c617e02913b7ac5ee3a4b29a0] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • .gitignore
We don't want to filter out the qunit file.
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