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12:02 Ticket #5289 (Provide static support for Function.prototype.bind) created by andre1
binding context and arguments to functions is very useful, especially when …[…]
11:01 Ticket #5288 (Add jQuery.num() function to cast value to number (int/float)) created by andre1
Add a simple function to cast value to number, either as jQuery.num( …
04:51 Ticket #5287 (Invalid label using getJson) created by vickygoelk
Hi I face invalid label problem when i am using the getJson method for …
03:48 Ticket #5127 ($.broswer.version) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Duplicate of #2661.
03:47 Ticket #5135 (Error: NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR: DOM Exception 7 at line 911 in 1.3.2) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Please reopen if you have a test case.
03:32 Ticket #5210 (css background-position in IE8 returns undefined) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Duplicate of #4295. Use individual properties not shorthand ones.
03:18 Ticket #5252 (attr adding an event to an input field does not work in IE but does in ...) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Don't set event handlers using .attr().
03:12 Ticket #5253 (Using Jquery with HTTPS ,IE 8 Gives Security Warning Dialog box) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Dup of #5253.
03:11 Ticket #5254 (Using Jquery with HTTPS ,IE 8 Gives Security Warning Dialog box) closed by dmethvin
invalid: If you're still having the problem, reopen this ticket with the exact …
03:10 Ticket #5255 (JQuery doesn't work in IE8) closed by dmethvin
03:09 Ticket #5256 ($(...).remove() in IE6) closed by dmethvin
invalid: A document that contains two elements with the same id attribute is …
03:06 Ticket #5257 (Selectors with Firefox 3.5 and Google Chrome) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This seems like it would be best handled on one of the forums until it's …
02:55 Ticket #5273 ($.ajax() XML handling problem on IE 7 and IE 8) closed by dmethvin
invalid: If you don't specify a dataType, jQuery tries to figure it out from the …
02:30 Ticket #5277 (bug in doc : toggle(switch)) closed by dmethvin
fixed: Fixed, thanks!
01:37 Ticket #5285 (IE7 & IE8 leak memory in jQuery.remove, probably caused by jQuery.data) closed by dmethvin
fixed: This appears to be fixed in SVN.


19:16 Ticket #5286 (animate bug) created by hugenoize
Sorry for my poor English. The parent page use an iframe to load a child …
14:20 Ticket #5285 (IE7 & IE8 leak memory in jQuery.remove, probably caused by jQuery.data) created by EliAndrewC
Note: this problem was explored in depth on this Stack Overflow question …


20:43 Ticket #5284 (mootools conflict with getElementsByClassName) created by souders
SpriteMe ( http://spriteme.org/) is a bookmarklet that uses …
11:41 Ticket #5283 (Slide removes list bullets) created by mnot
When an HTML list item is hidden and then revealed using …
09:27 Ticket #5282 (Elements have different order after find("*") and filter() in IE7) created by leif
$cloned = $(this).clone(true); $elements = …
04:07 Ticket #5281 (Bug in latest jquery-1.3.2) created by nitinasd
Line Num 1421 ie var chunker = …


20:07 Ticket #5278 (jQuery calls Object.each on onload and unload) closed by scott.gonzalez
duplicate: Duplicate of #2721.
17:50 Ticket #5280 (AJAX requests should abort on unload (they reserve connections in IE)) created by bkrausz
There is a bug in IE (seen in 7, heard about in others) where AJAX …
17:38 Ticket #5279 (opera version is incorrect or browser.version is wrong) created by hm2k
I understand that jQuery.browser is now being depreciated, but while it …
15:38 Ticket #5278 (jQuery calls Object.each on onload and unload) created by MindstormsKid
If Object.prototype.each is defined, jQuery calls it on onload and …
14:47 Ticket #5277 (bug in doc : toggle(switch)) created by Perlover
bug in documentation:  http://docs.jquery.com/Effects/toggle#switch Bad …
14:12 Ticket #5276 (Callback function not executing after the specified time) closed by scott.gonzalez
13:37 Ticket #5276 (Callback function not executing after the specified time) created by Rashy
I am using a simple snippet like this: …
08:56 Ticket #5275 (jquery.extend should set displayName on functions) created by dwt
Both Firebug and the Safari debugger support the convention that if a …


23:45 Ticket #5274 (Toggle cycles incorrectly with multiple toggle handlers) created by mrspeaker
The toggle event stores the current cycle position on the DOM element with …
19:24 Ticket #5273 ($.ajax() XML handling problem on IE 7 and IE 8) created by snoz
Hi, I browsed around for this and couldn't find this issue.. I have this …


14:09 Ticket #5272 (animate height to "auto") created by Eliiass
I'd love to be able to animate the height of an element to "auto", like …
12:02 Ticket #5271 ($()) created by Regent
Hello! I use a translator, so excuse me for mistakes! $().end() returns …
11:00 Ticket #5270 (clone() doesn't clone filters in IE6) created by olmokhov
I've got some elements with fixed png's by filters. Using clone() function …


19:35 Ticket #5269 ($(document).ready and Frames) created by DMSmith
I think I've run into a bug similar to:  http://dev.jquery.com/ticket/3988
14:25 Ticket #5268 (Bug with show()/hide() functions in Chrome browser) created by den_sandman
When you are trying to use any parameters 'fast' or 'slow' in such …
06:02 Ticket #5267 (Submit Delegation Patch) created by justinbmeyer
submit delegation patch This improves on the existing functionality in 2 …


23:38 Ticket #5266 (.position() report incorrect value for AREA elements of an image map) created by matdumsa
Hi, when the .position() method is called on a AREA object, the position …
22:37 Changeset [67089eedf6f84acd9c16ea2a6dadadf7b13a7c84] by Yehuda Katz <wycats@…>
  • src/ajax.js
  • test/unit/ajax.js
Getting $.param working well; Patch by ben_alman
22:34 Ticket #5265 (jQuery.fn.data does not always behave in IE) created by stephenr85
I'm working on a project that uses a custom "Repeater" and "Accordion" …
12:16 Ticket #5264 (embed tags do not work anymore in IE6 with current nightly build) created by jesse.a
Embed tags, inserted with jQuery methods loose their attributes and are …
10:30 Ticket #5263 (capture phase using bind) created by ilya.devel
it's not possible to subscribe to event in capture phase. ok ie6 doesn't …
05:41 Ticket #5262 (jquery-1.3.2.min.js has bug.(minimizing bug)) created by kmy504
I've used jquery-1.3.2.min.js that downdloaded in …
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