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19:07 Ticket #5053 (jQuery.fn["ajaxStart"] and other related functions are incorrectly defined) created by vlastimil
In the file "jquery-1.3.2-vsdoc2.js" there are wrong definitions for …
15:38 Ticket #4959 ([QUnit] Module Bug) closed by joern
invalid: QUnit works fine. You were using an old version of QUnit which didn't …
13:39 Ticket #5052 ("_" is redundant in many selectors of Sizzle) created by lrbabe
Many selectors of Sizzle include the pattern [\w\u00c0-\uFFFF_-] the "_" …
13:37 Ticket #5051 (jQuery.animate problem (IE 6/7/8) on style.left with negative em position ...) created by tr1x
i think i've found a bug in the jQuery.animate() function in IE 6/7/8 with …
12:34 Ticket #5050 (eq(-1) - negative numbers take from end of the collection) created by james_padolsey
See: …
11:06 Ticket #5049 (Fading a pure black image in IE 6 causes white pixels to appear) created by demwunz
If you animate an image that has pure black inside it. You will likely see …
09:30 Ticket #5048 (Memory leak when jsonp $.ajax() request fails.) created by sigmunau
jsonp ajax requests does some explicit garbage collection when the jsonp …


21:58 Ticket #5047 (jQuery.fx.update incorrectly sets elements' inline style display to ...) created by enaeseth
During height and width animations, jQuery.fx.update adds an inline …
16:55 Ticket #5046 (inconsistent "input[type=text]" selector results) closed by scott.gonzalez
wontfix: The type attribute does not behave consistently between browsers. You …
14:13 Ticket #5046 (inconsistent "input[type=text]" selector results) created by tngd
I observed an inconsistency when using the selector "input[type=text]" in …
12:45 Ticket #5045 (bug) created by Arz_Zeitgeist
Hi I found a very big bug in jquery ui 1.7.2 please run this code and see …
11:29 Ticket #5044 (Problem with js redirect when using getJSON) created by mihaigrigori
The problem I'm facing is as follows. I'm using a JSON call to check some …
08:04 Ticket #5043 (hiding table rows based on attributes hides ALL table rows instead) created by machba
I have a table to which I've assigned attributes to each row like so: …


21:43 Ticket #5042 (JSONP callback does not work for urls like format_options=callback:?) created by wavded
When using $.getJSON ...  http://myurl.com/app?format_options=? will work …
21:28 Ticket #5041 (WrapAll removed dynamically applied check state in IE6) created by johnallan
This is only in IE6. The page I am working on sets the checked state of …
17:42 Ticket #5040 (Selector #foo a[href=#x/y] fails in IE7) created by michaelmayer
As described in the summary, $('#foo a[href=#bar/xyz]') returns no …
16:52 Ticket #5039 (:visible selector don't work on IE) created by jucamo
The selector expression ":visible" don't work on IE but it works on …
13:06 Ticket #5038 (IE error - Invalid argument.) created by FDisk
I got IE8 error jquery-1.3.2.js line 1061 character 4 And i found the …
10:37 Ticket #5037 (Distinguish synthesized events) created by happygiraffe
It would be very useful if we could distinguish events which are …
05:27 Ticket #5036 (Removing display:none from a tfoot in Firefox 3.0 places the tfoot in ...) created by brianfreud
This may well be a Firefox 3.0 bug, and not jQuery. However, a good deal …
00:53 Ticket #5035 (Adding a colspan attribute does not take effect in IE) created by ashrewdmint
[…] This does not appear to work in IE. If you look at the html, the …


21:59 Ticket #5034 (Jquery history problem at IE7 after refresh's click of toolbar) closed by dmethvin
invalid: There are too many things at play here to file a bug against jQuery core. …
20:36 Ticket #5030 (problem with appendTo().end()) closed by scott.gonzalez
worksforme: .appendTo() is a destructive operation, just like .find(). You need to …
14:56 Ticket #5034 (Jquery history problem at IE7 after refresh's click of toolbar) created by soniad
As per our architecture's requirement we need multiple user controls to be …
13:48 Ticket #5033 (fade not working on inner divs in ie8) created by jm.federico
When you apply a fade effect to a DIV, and there are other DIV nested into …
13:20 Ticket #5032 (Crash in the W3C box model check when using jQuery UI or Interface) created by fletch
Crash at jquery-1.3.2.js line 3204. document.body is null or not an …
12:22 Ticket #5031 (height() returns 0 for children of hidden DIV (IE, Chrome, other brwsrs ...) created by aavolkoff
height(), innerHeight(), outerHeight() returns 0... Code: …


23:27 Ticket #5030 (problem with appendTo().end()) created by fazzius
Does anyone experienced issue with those chained commands? Example: (not …
21:23 Ticket #4834 (Don't set window.$ until the outro) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev [6529].
21:22 Changeset [bddd1837bb512b0ed537fbbdecf3ac3f6067adba] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
  • src/outro.js
Moved exposing window.jQuery and window.$ to the end of the jQuery file (helps some compatibility cases with older version of Prototype). Fixes ticket #4834.
13:43 Ticket #5029 (getJSON not returning XMLHttpRequest in Firefox 3 or 3.5) created by conrado
I've noticed that getJSON doesn't seem to return the XMLHttpRequest object …
10:50 Ticket #5028 (AutoComplete OnItemSelect is not being Fired) created by asifchouhan
In one of my project I have used Jquery AutoComplete Plugin. My …


14:08 Ticket #5026 (Animate gives error on color grey) closed by dmethvin
invalid: It's gray, not grey. Also, when submitting bug reports please submit the …
11:16 Ticket #5027 (jquery failure when using prototype.js - getElementsByClassName, IE) created by rantav
In my widget I use jquery (thanks, it's awesome!) along with jquery-tools. …
10:07 Ticket #5026 (Animate gives error on color grey) created by Manuel
Javascript: $("#id").animate({ color: "green" Still works }, …
02:05 Ticket #4710 (Internet Explorer 6 and 7 do not explicitly append dom elements) closed by dmethvin
invalid: These methods certainly do work in IE. You may want to create a test case …
02:02 Ticket #4682 (jquery 1.3.2 having problems with ie6) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Not a valid bug report.
01:59 Ticket #4575 (Attribute selector doesn't work in IE7 in the circumstances) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Duplicate of #3113 and not unique to jQuery; it's a DOM ambiguity. Avoid …
01:57 Ticket #4580 (IE6 & IE7: Object doesn't support this property or method) closed by dmethvin
01:52 Ticket #4504 (IE7: Object doesn't support this property or method, for handler.apply) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Closed-inactive.
01:52 Ticket #4491 (jQuery 1.3.2 fails to execute postback for asp:Button) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Please debug this code on one of the jQuery forums.
01:51 Ticket #4477 (jQuery Error in IE7) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This isn't a jQuery core bug. Please post plugin help questions on one of …
01:49 Ticket #4438 (Attr bug.) closed by dmethvin
worksforme: It seems to work for me on IE8, if I change the id typo.
01:39 Ticket #4385 (insertAfter loses script tags) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Closed-inactive.
01:37 Ticket #4333 (Jquery Selector and window onload) closed by dmethvin
invalid: That is a really bad way to chain event handlers. Instead of addLoadEvent, …
01:26 Ticket #4312 (Math.x is necessary??) closed by dmethvin
fixed: This is used in several places in jQuery now.
01:24 Ticket #4309 (VSDOC : jQuery.support is undefined) closed by dmethvin
invalid: The vsdoc version is only intended to provide guidance for Intellisense …
01:21 Ticket #4279 (F is undefined) closed by dmethvin
invalid: If you find this ticket via Google, please post on a forum to get help in …
01:10 Ticket #4143 (http://www.gcforum.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=2410 can't not use jQuery ...) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Sounds like this was a problem outside jQuery.
01:01 Ticket #4121 (Interface breaks animate with scrollTop) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This is probably due to Interface changing Object.prototype, but it's not …
00:58 Ticket #4046 (.attr("value") 1.2.6 versus 1.3.1) closed by dmethvin
worksforme: I can't repro this and the OP didn't provide a test case.
00:27 Ticket #4481 (curCSS method doesn't return correct values in IE for font-size, ...) closed by dmethvin


03:37 Ticket #5013 (Enhancement: val(callback)) closed by dmethvin
fixed: This is in the nightlies already and should be in 1.3.3.
03:14 Ticket #3954 (Attribute selector in IE (at least)) closed by dmethvin
03:13 Ticket #3948 (wrap() throws NS_ERROR_DOM_HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR exception) closed by dmethvin
invalid: You can't wrap an element unless it's in the document, since wrapping it …
03:03 Ticket #1124 (Please extend the document ready function to include document object in ...) reopened by ecmanaut
I am not sure I understand the closing remarks, but as we needed …
02:45 Ticket #3433 (Page Distorted) closed by dmethvin
worksforme: I can't reproduce this, it looks fine in IE8.
02:41 Ticket #3469 (can't bind resize event in Mozilla) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Firefox only supports the resize event on the window object.
02:26 Ticket #4147 (mouseup() and remove()) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Closed due to inactivity; reopen if you have a test case.
02:17 Ticket #3973 (Selector now only finding 1 element with class) closed by dmethvin
02:13 Ticket #3934 (Bug on closing IE7 with jQuery 1.3) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Without a test case it's not possible to tell whether this is a bug in …
02:06 Ticket #3392 (Script Error in Wordpress) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This is not a jQuery bug report.


21:11 Ticket #4960 (toggle() and hide()) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #4512, which has already been fixed.
21:11 Ticket #4753 (toggle in IE8) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #4512, which has already been fixed.
18:29 Ticket #5025 (bug Internet Explorer 8) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Reopen if you can create a test case.
17:36 Ticket #4815 (Doesn't add a class properly) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Your selector is selecting all tds under #up. Please review the jQuery …
17:31 Ticket #4896 (event - frame - ie and document error) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Please reopen with a test case if you have one.
17:26 Ticket #4899 (Bug in UI datepicker) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This should be reported on the jQuery UI bug tracker. …
17:25 Ticket #4861 (Regarding too much recursion Issue.) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This request would be best handled on the forums, since it's not a bug …
17:24 Ticket #4862 (Regarding too much recursion Issue.) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Dup of #4861.
17:18 Ticket #3964 (Multiple click events fire on a single click) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This is not a very specific report. If you can reduce it to a simple test …
16:56 Ticket #4422 (Clone under IE8 - form with trailing / in action) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Closing as a dup of #4417.
16:50 Ticket #4721 (IE: Underlying visible elements Displaying when parent is Hidden) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Closed due to inactivity; reopen with a test case if you have one.
16:45 Ticket #4739 (odd behavior from resizable contianment when resizable has absolute ...) closed by dmethvin
16:42 Ticket #4760 (IE Raises error on page load/close in jquery) closed by dmethvin
16:40 Ticket #4832 (" Expected ';' " with very high line number in IE7) closed by dmethvin
invalid: This isn't specific enough to be filed as a bug. If you can narrow down …
16:36 Ticket #4881 (Form elements removed from the object after applying $(...) to it) closed by dmethvin
invalid: What browser is this? There is no each() method on the form elements …
16:30 Ticket #4392 (.val('') does not deselect) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Closed-inactive.
15:50 Ticket #5025 (bug Internet Explorer 8) created by Nexus
Hello dont work: var file = $(var_this).attr('href'); $.ajax( { …
13:44 Ticket #5024 (fix for 1.2.6: name undefined in attr()) created by sgbeal
Hi! In attr(), from 1.2.6: attr: function( name, value, type ) { var …
12:37 Ticket #5023 (hide should also hide partially finished animations) created by rudimenter
Hi When i call hide for an Object which is in the middle of the animation …
02:52 Ticket #5019 (AUTO REFRESH USING JQUERY) closed by dmethvin
invalid: Please ask programming questions on the forums rather than the bug …
02:50 Ticket #5014 (IE8 bug $(element).append() bug with multiple TEXT params) closed by dmethvin
duplicate: Duplicate of #4011.
02:06 Ticket #5022 (strings of markup and application/xml) created by jablko
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