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19:24 Ticket #3155 (Request method GET in Internet Explorer 6 & 7) created by jzajpt
When using Internet Explorer 6 & 7, simple code below uses POST method …
17:38 Ticket #3154 (field name "split" breaks add(form.elements)) created by joern
A validation plugin user reported that giving a field the name-attribute …
15:06 Ticket #2984 ([validate] bogus validation error for textareas on Opera 9) closed by joern
fixed: Should be fixed in [5788], which was aimed at #3035.
15:05 Ticket #3035 ([validate] fails to validate input fields in Opera and Konqueror with ...) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in [5788].
14:52 Ticket #2861 ([validate] masks don't working in firefox closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in latest revision, soon to be released as 1.4.
14:46 Ticket #3111 ([accordion] inconsistent behaviour in accordionchange) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in revision 451, see  http://ui.jquery.com/bugs/changeset/451
12:43 Ticket #2995 (The firebug say: "Too much recursion" -> jquery.js) closed by joern
invalid: Can't figure out to what issue the thread is actually referring to.
12:34 Ticket #2561 ([validate] custom errorPlacement) closed by joern
invalid: This works fine on your testpage: […] I therefore consider this …


16:39 Ticket #2513 (Accordion: classNames should be default) closed by joern
invalid: The second class got removed, other issues are now on the UI bugtracker.
16:38 Ticket #2354 (Link for closed tickets in roadmap page doesn't work.) closed by joern
16:20 Ticket #3153 (UI bug) created by kof13
Since the version 1.5.1 of UI if I apply draggable or resizable to the …
11:46 Ticket #1859 (jquery.com in IE6) closed by joern
wontfix: A new base theme is being worked on, won't fix the current one.
11:45 Ticket #1819 (Custom trac query doesn't work when I'm logged in) closed by joern
11:45 Ticket #1658 (Report 8 is broken) closed by joern
11:44 Ticket #1646 (trac bug "View tickets") closed by joern
wontfix: Usually logging in first helps. Maybe someone bothers to update Trac.
11:41 Ticket #1530 (starterkit.html crash on opening page) closed by joern
11:37 Ticket #1310 (Add easily accessible version info to jQuery core) closed by joern
worksforme: The difference between jQuery.version and jQuery.fn.version is really not …


17:09 Ticket #3152 (attr(name, value) does not escape values) created by thesaint
If you call the attr(name, value) function to set an attribute value, …
02:05 Ticket #3151 ([autocomplete] TrimWords function splits value despite options.multiple is ...) created by heyspearsy
If an entry contains the multipleSeparator string, and mustMatch is true, …


15:15 Ticket #3150 (Attribute selectors attributeEquals, attributeStartsWith, attributeHas ...) created by aakoch
Link elements aren't matched when the onclick attribute value is searched. …
12:44 Ticket #3149 (draggable/containment doesn't work in safari (3.1.2) (Windows XP)) created by franklin
<script src="jquery-latest.js"></script> <script …
07:32 Ticket #3148 (Sortable items within table + float:left + IE7 = items not displayed) created by thye
I entered the following ticket in Jquery UI trac (#3034) but was told that …
02:05 Ticket #3147 (click event problem) created by Helleshtern
I have a problem similar to posted here:  http://dev.jquery.com/ticket/2532


21:38 Ticket #3112 (Special Events Data) closed by flesler
fixed: Fixed at [5777].
21:38 Changeset [b36fe4686c76dc13ba64fd62e38387c7ed73e0c9] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • src/event.js
jquery event: closes #3112. It wasn't possible to bind 'data' to special events.
19:27 Ticket #3033 (Useless check ?) closed by flesler
fixed: Applied at [5775].
19:26 Changeset [6eb2bfe6aefaeff522a9d3a8ac9511e15932bfcf] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • reminder.txt
general: adding reminder.txt to write down things to remember for future releases.
19:23 Changeset [e132d6bc53093ed2387b565d37ce1d1845a4fe82] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • src/core.js
jquery core: Closes #3033. Removed support for .. selector on jQuery.find.
19:01 Ticket #2445 ("this" refers to window object in $.map()) closed by flesler
wontfix: It was fixed in the docs. The this won't point to the element when mapping …
16:13 Ticket #3146 (cross-site ajax over http post) created by davidcornish
Attempting to do an ajax call cross-site using JSONP over http post fails …
15:36 Ticket #3145 (Black background - IE7 alpha PNG & jQuery fade animation) created by kuvik
When I use fade animation effect on div with background-image (PNG+alpha …


14:55 Ticket #3144 (Inconsistent cross-browser results from .text() method) created by dmethvin
The .text() method returns different whitespace on different browsers. In …
14:13 Ticket #3143 (XML parsing-related bug in IE) created by jterran
The each loop is never entered in IE6/IE7, but works just fine in …
13:36 Ticket #3132 (in the :nth-child selector) closed by flesler
invalid: That's what I was about to say, nth-child isn't relative to the …
08:41 Ticket #3142 ("Object doesn't support this property or method" error in MSIE 7 with ...) created by weapey
I've been working on an application that uses flash charts in 3 sortable …
07:07 Ticket #3141 (offset() adds ovreflow width on IE in right-to-left layout) created by itsadok
The example shown [ http://static.omgili.com/jquery_offset_ie_bug.html
01:24 Ticket #3130 (mysql server has gone away) closed by john
01:24 Ticket #3135 (Documentacion page doens't work) closed by john


23:49 Ticket #3140 (jQuery fails when element's id include character"[]") closed by flesler
invalid: Check out …
23:41 Ticket #3124 ([ui dialog] Can't select text in dialog box) closed by flesler
invalid: This belongs to jQuery UI. Please repost this to the …
23:40 Ticket #3123 (Bug with flash-plugin and jquery packed version) closed by flesler
invalid: Please contact the plugin owner instead, he doesn't check this trac.
23:40 Ticket #3121 (Need an option for an "exclusive" draggable) closed by flesler
invalid: This belongs to jQuery UI. Please repost this to the …
18:24 Ticket #3140 (jQuery fails when element's id include character"[]") created by huangam
Here is an element: <div id="test[test]"></div>, but …
14:30 Ticket #3139 (qunit: calling serialArray( [ undefined ] ) throws TypeError) created by mark
When two arrays are compared with isSet() and they are not the same then …
14:00 Ticket #3138 ([autocomplete] plugin - result handler not called when exact match is ...) created by colin.johnson
With autocomplete plugin version 1.0.2 I have bound a result handler to …
13:28 Ticket #3137 (Complex selectors breaking .parents() method) created by eduardo
If you try to do: $('body').parents('#fakeId div'); this query …
11:55 Ticket #3136 (Unable to perform a custom query in bug tracker) created by genezys
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on /query, Trac …


21:06 Ticket #3135 (Documentacion page doens't work) created by pablo.borrazas@…
I can't access to the jquery documentation and plugin pages, the server …
14:22 Ticket #3134 (Tweak to .isFunction) created by john
Based upon discussion in jQuery-dev, a tweak to the isFunction method to …
00:27 Ticket #3133 (DOM insertion / selection BUG) created by megavolt
BUG: after inserting HTML snippet into the DOM structure button2 will not …
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