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18:29 Ticket #2974 ([4763] crashes Safari 2.0.4) created by rboren
After upgrading WordPress from jQuery 1.2.3, we started getting crashes …
18:02 Ticket #2973 (IE6 clone(true) bug when cloning a cloned element with events) created by futileohm
I seem to have discovered an obscure bug in IE (6, I don't have a copy of …
17:24 Ticket #2972 (curCSS Really slow) created by malfist
I was running firebug's profiler over my webapp and found that the …
16:14 Ticket #1591 (IE "Invalid Argument" $('table').attr('non-existent')) reopened by jdsharp
This issue still existed in 1.2.6, I've created a patch against trunk
09:57 Ticket #2971 (name.replace throw exceptions) created by Scolas
in version 1.2.6 With some plugin like jdmenu ,jquery rises an error on …


18:56 Ticket #2970 ([autocomplete] Searching for "#" translates into a blank string) created by joelz
When you do a search for anything involving the '#' character and extra …
16:28 Ticket #2969 (Add failsafe check to jQuery.ready()) created by sun
I just spent plenty of time to debug why all of my JavaScript was broken …
15:48 Ticket #2968 (isFunction and object problems) created by Andrea Giammarchi
Version 1.2.6 of jQuery has a public static isFunction method that fails …
03:55 Ticket #2967 (Time Zones) created by Deepak
Hi, I wanted to know if I can get the Time Zone feature along with the …


18:35 Ticket #2966 ("inst" variable can be undefined and cause Droppable to fail) created by fkrueger
I have a nested DIV structure where each DIV is draggable and droppable. …


19:53 Ticket #2965 ([validate] 'cancel' form with image submit.) created by wtgee
The 'cancel' feature currently doesn't work if using an image type input. …
17:14 Ticket #2963 (Missing clearTimeout method in env.js) closed by flesler
invalid: Sorry, this is not the place for code to env.js. That's John Resig's but …
17:09 Ticket #2964 (Sortable with radio button) closed by flesler
invalid: Please create a new ticket in the [ http://ui.jquery.com/bugs/ UI bug …
15:26 Ticket #2964 (Sortable with radio button) created by greis
I have this html to be sortable: <ul id="attributes"> <li> Attribute 1 …
12:36 Ticket #2963 (Missing clearTimeout method in env.js) created by h3
06:37 Ticket #2962 ([accordion] buggy navigation) created by colnector
Check the navigation demo (the second on …
00:06 Ticket #2958 (jquery.ui.sortables Fails to sort to last position with <div> tags) closed by scott.gonzal
invalid: Please create a new ticket in the [ http://ui.jquery.com/bugs/ UI bug …
00:06 Ticket #2957 (jquery.ui.sortables Fails with display:inline) closed by scott.gonzal
invalid: Please create a new ticket in the [ http://ui.jquery.com/bugs/ UI bug …


23:36 Ticket #2956 (Add optional argument for events to unbind before bind) closed by flesler
wontfix: This really isn't such a useful change. The unbind().bind() is widely used …
23:21 Ticket #2961 (Empty() makes the field unusable.) closed by flesler
invalid: Well obviously! wrapInner wraps the children inside an element. You can't …
22:54 Ticket #2961 (Empty() makes the field unusable.) created by arustgi
Refer to the simple HTML file attached: Once you call the empty function …
22:04 Ticket #2960 (jQuery sends wrong content type to server on ajax post requests if data is ...) created by barushev
Small testcase: […] […] […] […] […] It's wrong …
18:43 Ticket #2959 (attr() broken in jQuery 1.2.6?) created by phil
I'm having a problem using element.attr() ever since I upgraded to jquery …
18:21 Ticket #2958 (jquery.ui.sortables Fails to sort to last position with <div> tags) created by malfist
When applying sortable to the following list, the element with text in the …
18:17 Ticket #2957 (jquery.ui.sortables Fails with display:inline) created by malfist
An attempt to use sortables while the list having display:inline failed on …
17:09 Ticket #2956 (Add optional argument for events to unbind before bind) created by ygirouard
If you currently try to bind 2 different functions in a row to the same …
15:30 Ticket #2955 (submit function does not work under Opera 9.27) created by tomcatacec
The following code does not work under opera 9.27 […] […]
13:37 Ticket #2954 (Use isNaN for IE opacity) created by lrbabe
function attr of core.js (the second one) use a strange test to detect NaN …
13:26 Ticket #2953 (Strange behavior of opera's getPropertyValue on element with display none) created by lrbabe
Opera returns wrong values when using computedStyle.getPropertyValue of …
12:54 Ticket #2952 (jquery.form.js have error in IE with a file-form) created by fuksito
When trying to use jquery.form.js with function ajaxSubmit to post some …
08:47 Ticket #2951 (Dynamic content in an IE frame) created by robb.ie
I'm using jQuery within a frameset containing two frames. The top frame …
08:33 Ticket #2252 (Setting select value via val() shows error in IE6) reopened by dalangalma
Here's a super-minimal repro (it doesn't even use jQuery, but explains …
07:37 Ticket #2950 (Not supproted multi-dimensional objects on jQuery.ajax options.data) created by aiky
options.data = { a: 'a', b: 'b', c: { d: …
06:03 Ticket #2949 (IE won't automatically load many XML content-types via responseXML) created by dalangalma
jQuery uses XHR's responseXML property to get the XML document from an XHR …
00:03 Changeset [1e9593646f5047cfc5b1754b663e59ec9b73dfce] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • test/unit/core.js
test runner: adding 2 tests for .val( Number ). Removed a silly test.


23:18 Changeset [9e48649729a5d4cd9ce52bcba067ba33a562cb4b] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • test/data/testrunner.js
  • test/index.html
  • test/otherlibs/jquery/1.2.1/jquery.js
  • test/otherlibs/jquery/1.2.3/jquery.js
  • test/unit/ajax.js
  • test/unit/core.js
  • test/unit/dimensions.js
  • test/unit/event.js
  • test/unit/fx.js
  • test/unit/offset.js
test runner: the changes are: - Replaced all the $ for jQuery in the tests and suite. - Added a noConflict to testrunner.js. - Modified the test for noConflict() so that it still work. - Added jQuery 1.2.1 and 1.2.3 to otherlibs.
20:47 Ticket #2945 (Setting "z-index: auto" in IE6 gives a type mismatch error) closed by flesler
20:43 Ticket #2946 (Event: altKey not set) closed by flesler
20:43 Changeset [abb055bb498c4938b8663eb37c98e9f9e8fd8c9e] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • src/event.js
jquery event: caching the props array and fixing the loop that goes thru it. It was accessing an invalid index.
20:19 Changeset [52fbe5d2a8441c9bca5c2b8b9fa8b2bc388a11c1] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • test/data/testsuite.css
  • test/index.html
  • test/otherlibs/mootools/1.11/mootools.js
  • test/otherlibs/prototype/
  • test/otherlibs/scriptaculous/1.8.1/builder.js
  • test/otherlibs/scriptaculous/1.8.1/controls.js
  • test/otherlibs/scriptaculous/1.8.1/dragdrop.js
  • test/otherlibs/scriptaculous/1.8.1/effects.js
  • test/otherlibs/scriptaculous/1.8.1/scriptaculous.js
  • test/otherlibs/scriptaculous/1.8.1/slider.js
test runner: adding a new test page called 'polluted'. Where one can choose to pre-include other libraries and run the test suite with them.
19:28 Ticket #2948 (onHover event) created by DaveGYNWA
Just wondering if it would be possible to add an onHover event for the …
18:46 Changeset [6bf51eea0489149c755f12007b585dc5521b46d3] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • test/index.html
test runner: Adding type="text/javascript" to a script tag (trivial).
14:44 Ticket #2947 (Event: altKey not set) created by ivan
The altKey field is not set in the Event object.
14:43 Ticket #2946 (Event: altKey not set) created by ivan
The altKey field is not set in the Event object.
13:24 Ticket #2945 (Setting "z-index: auto" in IE6 gives a type mismatch error) created by adrian
Html: […] Javascript: […] Onclick the javascript will try to give …
12:15 Ticket #2944 (Query z-index in IE6 with css) created by tonyt
To reproduce the problem […] 1.2.6 FF - aa -> auto; bb -> false IE6 …
02:50 Changeset [11761def421412df7ea4d3414310befef450b7ea] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • src/ajax.js
jquery ajax: small (misc) improvement to $.param.


23:29 Ticket #2653 (clone() and ID attribute) closed by flesler
wontfix: Right ok.
23:15 Ticket #2546 (text(String) Check escaped text -64.1 - Test fails in Safari 3.1) closed by flesler
23:08 Ticket #2252 (Setting select value via val() shows error in IE6) closed by flesler
invalid: Ok, the previous comment was wrong. IMO, if a delay is need for a …
22:47 Ticket #1516 (.load - add support for standard key/value pairs string as a parameter) closed by flesler
fixed: The necessary changes were applied at [5701] and additional tests at …
22:46 Changeset [c6e88b16e9f6e45d87019db45dd04d27482d25d7] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • test/data/params_html.php
  • test/unit/ajax.js
test runner: a test for load() with a hash of data, and another for load() with a string of data (#1516). It includes a php that dumps all the GET and POST vars to html elements, where the key makes the id, and the value the text.
22:44 Changeset [7ec772374d132149d72418abce4569dedbd4168b] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • src/ajax.js
jquery ajax: Closes #1516. load() can get a string of data (not only a hash) and it'll be a GET request.
22:19 Ticket #2943 ([validate] element() removes error class from other inputs) created by dudleyf
Calling element() on a form element results in the error class being …
22:08 Ticket #2942 ("Too much recursion" error thrown by blockUI) closed by flesler
19:17 Changeset [e87d2c7a5812299ae8390987aec21cc954a8e45a] by Ariel Flesler <aflesler@…>
  • src/core.js
jquery core: adding rowSpan to jQuery.props.
15:20 Ticket #2942 ("Too much recursion" error thrown by blockUI) created by Heliologue
Since updating to jQuery 1.2.6, the function to close a blockUI (2.07) …
02:36 Ticket #2941 (<select> value and selected option not preserved on clone) created by fligtar
See test case here:  http://fligtar.com/testcases/jquery-clone.html When …
01:45 Ticket #2940 (1.2.6.js - exception caused by doing .append() or .html() - please see the ...) created by gigafloat
jQuery(document).find('#deck_edit_form') .append(<form …
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