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23:54 Ticket #2573 (Incompatibility with Scriptaculous scripts) created by Julieng
Hello, I'm using jquery (jquery base + tablesorter + tablehover) scripts …
19:04 Ticket #2572 (IE 6 bug jquery 1.2.3 and sortable lists (from interface ...) created by shigella
Hello I want to report a bug when using the sortable list from …


19:29 Ticket #2571 ([UI Draggable] greedy should affect hover status) created by scott.gonzalez
Parent droppables should have their hover class removed when the droppable …
15:43 Ticket #2570 (Opera 9.2.6 AJAX requiring authentication) created by mikeg
I am using $.ajax to submit several forms on a page - some go to php files …
11:23 Ticket #2569 ([ui Dialog] functional demo -> dialog stays) created by c_t
This is only a simple one: When browsing the functional demos on …


14:52 Ticket #2568 (elem has no properties error in nodeName method) created by hobbit
When we run the $.getJSON method sometimes an unusual issue rise in. "elem …
12:39 Ticket #2360 ([treeview] Branches with checkboxes) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in [5100].
12:20 Ticket #2562 ([validate] Russian localization for error messages) closed by joern
fixed: Done: [5099].
12:15 Ticket #2424 ([validate] custom rule dont work with maxlength property.) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in [5098].
11:57 Ticket #2473 ([validate]) closed by joern
fixed: The problem here is that required: false is handled exactly as required: …
11:27 Ticket #2424 ([validate] custom rule dont work with maxlength property.) reopened by joern
I take that back. The issue described in #2473 is similar, but not the …
06:16 Ticket #2567 ($.ajax should allow filtering JS and JSON responses to remove security ...) created by eventualbuddha
Responses that contain executable JS or even bare JSON may pose a security …
05:29 Ticket #2566 (24 hour Time Picker Added to UI Datepicker v3.4) created by jdean
For an internal project we needed a calendar with time picker as well so …
02:42 Ticket #2565 (event.fix performance tweaks patch) created by diego
Using lazy function definition it is possible to optimize quite …
02:42 Ticket #2564 (event.fix performance tweaks patch) created by diego
Using lazy function definition it is possible to optimize quite …


21:30 Ticket #2563 ([treeview] Folders only expand, no linking possible) created by rbuc
The text in folders with children is always bind to expand/collapse its …
20:26 Ticket #2562 ([validate] Russian localization for error messages) created by voidus
I translated error messages on russian language. Please put attached file …
20:16 Ticket #2561 ([validate] custom errorPlacement) created by sniffer
Text below taken from …
19:00 Ticket #2560 (BUG with slide up and down effects) created by ksaelee1
I am using the slide up and down effects. It works in firefox but not in …
18:48 Ticket #2424 ([validate] custom rule dont work with maxlength property.) closed by joern
duplicate: Duplicate of #2473.
18:43 Ticket #2498 (Jquery Validate Plugin) closed by joern
worksforme: errorPlacement is called only when inserting the error in the DOM the …
16:55 Ticket #2559 (Scrollbars from layers below show Draggable if zIndex is set Firefox Mac) created by kip_parker
If you drag a Draggable window over a layer with scrollbars on Firefox 2 …
15:28 Ticket #2558 ($(...).attr returns different values in IE7 and Firefox) created by oridan
$(...).attr('onclick') firefox: returns the text contained within the …
15:19 Ticket #2557 (ui.slider inter explorer (6,7) problem) created by turcanuandrei
the script works great with mozilla and opera, but i can't seem to move …
14:48 Ticket #2556 (UI.slider plugin) created by istvano
Hello, I would like to re-program the slider once it has been created to …
14:45 Ticket #2499 (UI Slider changing slider on the fly) reopened by istvano
Hi, I am still having problems with this functionality, it DOES not seem …
14:03 Ticket #2555 (Dojo ShrinkSafe compatibility fix) created by SickeW
jQuery version 1.2.3 cannot be correctly compressed with Dojo ShrinkSafe. …
13:57 Ticket #2554 (ui.sortable - IE Bug in serialize with custom attribute) created by dachande
Serializing a sortable in IE with a custom attribute as option returns …
10:44 Ticket #2553 ([UI Tests] Draggable - unit test failure - draggable-options-delay-400) created by rworth
See: …
10:29 Ticket #2552 (UI Plugins - disabled option, with getter and setter) created by rworth
For any UI plugin that can be disabled, in addition to two convenience …
03:23 Ticket #2551 (val() failed after reset form in ie6/ie7) created by diyism
Getting value with val() failed after reset form in ie6/ie7: […]
02:07 Ticket #2550 (Try removing with() from offset.) created by flesler
Maybe, removing the with() call from offset() can improve its perfomance. …
00:42 Ticket #2549 ([ui.DatePicker] Multiple periods with an attached classname) created by graste
For displaying multiple valid periods of time in the calendar it would be …


23:31 Ticket #2548 (.attr() proposal) created by flesler
I really think something is not right, with the way attr works. You need a …
19:53 Ticket #2547 (Draggable bugs in IE and Firefox) created by hecurb
I recently implemented the UI dialog component and it works great. …
19:13 Ticket #2546 (text(String) Check escaped text -64.1 - Test fails in Safari 3.1) created by chalkers
64. core module: text(String) (1, 3, 4) 1. Check escaped text
18:12 Ticket #2545 ([UI] ui parameter in callbacks/events should be consistent) created by scott.gonzalez
There should be at least some consistency in the ui parameter of callbacks …
17:28 Ticket #2544 ([ui-dialog] Problem when using JQuery with asp.net (ajax enabled)) created by Nordes
When I have a scriptmanager inside my page and then I try to use the …
16:46 Ticket #2543 (Useless variable (re)declarations) created by flesler
Line 1920: var events = jQuery.data(elem, "events"), ret, index;
14:38 Ticket #2542 (Callbacks are not triggered on animated methods with a speed of 0) created by DanSwitzer2
If you have a callback defined to any of the jQuery FX and there's a 0 …
14:09 Ticket #2541 ([draggable] unit test failure - draggable-options-cancel-(empty)) created by rworth
The following unit test is failing: …
13:22 Ticket #2540 (UI Dialog ESC key) created by tonyt
When we open more than one dialog only the last opened dialog is closed …
13:03 Ticket #2539 (draggable - grid: [x,y] and containment incompatible) created by atreyas
If I use the grid[x,y] property for a jQuery draggable object …
11:52 Ticket #2538 (UI.datepicker custom cell renderer) created by istvano
Dear All, I love the datepicker it is amazing. I am using it for most …
09:55 Ticket #2518 ([slider] In Slider test, value doesn't update for keyboard usage) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed, moveTo (which is used by the key event handler) now also fires the …
09:01 Ticket #2348 (Slider handles appear offset if minValue and stepping are used together) closed by joern
worksforme: I assume this has been fixed in the meantime, I can't replicate it at all. …
03:03 Ticket #2537 (attr() can return undefined instead of 0) created by haijun-zeng
I use $(this).attr("offsetLeft") to get the offsetLeft of a DIV, when the …


18:07 Ticket #2501 (ui.slider - Refactoring suggestions) closed by joern
fixed: Mostly implemented in [5065] and previous revisions.
18:04 Ticket #2502 (ui.slider - Define ranges (min/max) for each handle) closed by joern
fixed: Implemented in [5064].
17:32 Ticket #2482 (UI 1.5b Slider slider('destroy') throws excetion) closed by joern
duplicate: Duplicate of #2496.
17:29 Ticket #1110 (Bug in SliderSetValues) closed by joern
wontfix: Interface is deprecated, please give the latest UI slider a try.
17:29 Ticket #1422 (Slider doesn't work with keyboard controls) closed by joern
17:28 Ticket #1576 (Slider positioning itself wrong in Safari) closed by joern
wontfix: Interface is deprecated, please give the latest UI slider a try.
17:28 Ticket #1841 (Slider doesn work with jquery 1.2.1 in IE) closed by joern
wontfix: Interface is deprecated, please give the latest UI slider a try.
15:19 Ticket #1917 (ui:Slider with multiple handles - problems with accessibility) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in [5060].
15:05 Ticket #2331 (Slider range: dragging range causes weird behaviour) closed by joern
worksforme: Can't reproduce in latest version.
15:03 Ticket #2332 ([jQueryUI] Slider with multiple handlers bug) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in [5060]. Range handles can't overlap anymore (like the YUI ones), …
14:36 Ticket #2536 (datepicker position issue) created by nic
When a datepicker "trigger" is in a div having a scrollTop/scrollLeft > 0, …
13:58 Ticket #2412 (ui.slider 1.5b has this.currentHandle error in IE 6-7) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in latest revision.
13:23 Ticket #2434 (jQueryUI - Slider with range bug) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in [5050].
12:00 Ticket #2535 (Move modal/overlay code from Dialog to ui.base.js, ui.overlay.js?) created by xover
I just ran across a case where I needed to put an element up in a way …
11:15 Ticket #2523 (Sliders require child element that isn't generated) closed by joern
fixed: Fixed in [5050].
10:59 Ticket #2534 (ui.sortable - imbricate sortable bug) created by karibouk
important bug in sortable : a sortable into an another sortable doesnt …
10:53 Changeset [dc7f8cfca61350cfc769e1f365a0dbfe140faabf] by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • version.txt
jquery core: updated version pre-1.2.4
10:20 Ticket #2528 (Getting position of hidden element generates error in Firefox) closed by paul
invalid: Hi, calling position() or offset() on a hidden element is not supported by …
10:17 Ticket #2516 ([draggable] Unit Test failure: draggable-options-dragPrevention) closed by paul
invalid: the option dragPrevention has been renamed to 'cancel'.
06:20 Ticket #2533 (datepicker disable/enable focus bug) created by mnichols
When you disable an datepicker and then enable it again, the focus event …


23:17 Ticket #2532 (Only first action with function works, everything else 'breaks') created by nova
I am very impressed with jquery, but there is a major bug with …
03:59 Ticket #2512 (Accordion autoheight) closed by scott.gonzal
fixed: Fixed in [4909].
03:53 Ticket #2319 ([draggable droppable] improvement for refreshPositions option) closed by scott.gonzal
fixed: Fixed in [5028].
01:53 Ticket #2531 ([wiki] Text-alignment is buggy) created by miksago
In the wiki, it seems that text in lists is stretched when a word is …
01:50 Ticket #2530 (&apos; Isn't parsed by wiki.) created by miksago
As seen in the logs for jQuerySprint, &apos;, isn't parsed by the …
00:14 Ticket #2334 ([datepicker] semicolon is missing after Vor&#x3e causes ie to not display ...) closed by scott.gonzal
fixed: Fixed in [5023].


22:40 Ticket #2529 (Draggables Jump in Firefox 3) created by john
Using a newer nightly starting a drag on any draggable on this page: …
21:29 Ticket #2108 (Problem in Ui/Datepicker) closed by paul
21:29 Ticket #2263 (Error in calculate week - UI Datepicker) closed by paul
21:29 Ticket #2269 (datepicker in scrolled div's (overflow=auto)) closed by paul
21:26 Ticket #2461 ([droppable] add greedy option) closed by paul
19:49 Ticket #2528 (Getting position of hidden element generates error in Firefox) created by opgobee
I'm a newbie, please correct me if I submit this in the wrong way or wrong …
19:10 Ticket #2527 ([ui.sortable] ui.sender) created by neojp
Sometimes ui.sender is not passed on change events. […]
19:00 Changeset [d44ddef720684d1eccba8cfe7d1afbaac5327378] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/offset.js
Made outerHeight/outerWidth accept .outerWidth(true) to include the margin. If any options are passed in it's assumed that you want the margin included.
18:53 Changeset [8f14ee1dd5c3bffc987f9a21a518f9901de66b54] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/offset.js
Imported the innerHeight and outerHeight methods from the Dimensions plugin.
18:10 Ticket #2526 (Ajax POST failed) created by dimas
When i included jquery-1.2.3, ajax POST method doesn't work..
17:47 Ticket #2238 (Datepicker bug in jacnuary and december) closed by rworth
worksforme: If you can reproduce this, please reopen with a test page attached. …
17:46 Ticket #2525 (Standardised way to pass coordinates to plugins.) created by xover
Looking at Draggable's cursorAt and Dialog's position options I …
17:43 Ticket #2474 (selectable("<toggle, destroy,...>") doesn't work) closed by scott.gonzal
fixed: Fixed in [4982] - Thanks ThrushAAX.
17:34 Ticket #2124 (Date picker - wrong week number) closed by rworth
17:34 Ticket #2260 (Datepicker broken in Safari and Firefox) closed by rworth
16:39 Ticket #2115 (draggable error "$.ui[module] has no properties") closed by scott.gonzal
duplicate: Same problem as #1952.
15:25 Ticket #2036 (Safari 2.0.4 - ui.Tabs randomly does not update classes on tab switch) closed by klaus
worksforme: could not reproduce at all
15:18 Ticket #2524 ([ui.sortable] handle is not working as expected) created by neojp
The handle option is not working as expected, you can't have multiple …
15:14 Ticket #2489 (Nested Tabs with different styling dont work) closed by klaus
worksforme: r4968
14:45 Ticket #2523 (Sliders require child element that isn't generated) created by digitalspaghetti
Building the slider tests for the generic test suite, the tests fail due …
14:39 Ticket #2517 ([draggable] Unit Test failure: draggable-options-helper-function) closed by paul
invalid: This is no unit test failure - the element is created, but it's simply …
14:15 Ticket #2519 ([UI] namespacing (events and data)) closed by scott.gonzal
fixed: Fixed in [4966].
13:53 Ticket #1680 (Sortables in scroll render incorrectly when dragging) closed by scott.gonzal
13:40 Ticket #2366 (slider with two handles: When stepping < 1/4 of realMaxValue ->wrong steps ...) closed by scott.gonzal
fixed: Fixed in [4963].
13:38 Ticket #2522 (Remove isFunction from jQuery.event.trigger) created by spinal007
In jQuery.event.trigger: if ( jQuery.isFunction( jQuery.data(elem, …
12:23 Ticket #2521 (Internet Explorer doesn't seem to like attributes) created by nicolab2108
Hi, apologies if this is already mentioned or there is a solution to it. …
01:23 Ticket #2520 ([Resizable]Image move toward oppsited when mouse went out of the boundary) created by zigzag.chen
tests/resizable.html When the mouse drag the inner frame of the puppy …
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