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20:43 Ticket #2099 (IE: $('#someform').attr('id') returns sub element instead of attribute) created by streawkceur
HTML: […] JS: […] Gives '[object]' in IE. This is actually the …
19:08 Changeset [87d6bcec31046d84d1b4518d0888f1715e15e60b] by Yehuda Katz <wycats@…>
  • src/event.js
Fixes bug with charCode, bad 'var' and missing semicolon


15:35 Ticket #1636 (icky of jquery UI vs. interface elements) closed by paul
invalid: What is still real and problematic? Where is the issue? I will happily …
15:23 Ticket #2025 (draggable with cursorAt (outside draggable) doesn't drop) closed by paul
fixed: This is fixed in the new rewritten version to be released with 1.1 in …
15:04 Ticket #1783 (Draggable cursor setting does not change) closed by paul
15:04 Ticket #1642 (DND droppables bugs) closed by paul
fixed: All these issues are going to be fixed with the new rewrite for 1.1. …
14:42 Ticket #1973 (JQuery UI drag and drop issue in IE6.) closed by paul
fixed: IE6 has some strange zIndex issues. try to use the zIndex option and set …
14:10 Ticket #1924 (UI Draggables (and perhaps others?) locations are off when parent element ...) closed by paul
fixed: Thanks, this is fixed in the rewrite for 1.1.
14:07 Ticket #1920 (SlowMode on draggables may be wrong when cursorAtIgnore is on) closed by paul
fixed: The slowMode option will be removed completely in the new rewritten code. …
14:06 Ticket #1913 (ui droppable - greedy:true option does not change behaviour as expected) closed by paul
wontfix: The greedy option is going to be removed due to performance problems and …
14:04 Ticket #1857 (jQuery UI - Dragables - <select> menu cannot be scrolled.) closed by paul
fixed: This should work fine in the new rewritten version of draggables, which …
13:40 Ticket #1812 (Draggable error in function revert with helper defined as function) closed by paul
fixed: Fixed in the new version to be released with 1.1. Thanks!
13:31 Ticket #2096 (ui.mouse: appendTo broken) closed by paul
13:30 Ticket #2089 (interface drag n drop bug in jquery 1.2.1 (work well with 1.1.2)) closed by paul
13:29 Ticket #2060 (Draggables & Sortable very very slow) closed by paul
invalid: That might be true, but it's not a specific bug report -> closed as …
13:27 Ticket #2059 (ui.mouse: accounting for parent scrollLeft/scrollTop) closed by paul
13:25 Ticket #2052 (UI mouse.js does not recognise parent with fixed position) closed by paul
fixed: This is fixed in the new rewritten code that will be released with the …
12:58 Ticket #2098 (Datepicker - onSelect should use apply() with input reference) created by Stormtrooper
The onSelect callback of the Datepicker UI control should be bound to the …
12:29 Ticket #2097 (Bug on UI DIALOG using opera browser) created by jonasformolo
i've found a bug when i tried to insert a text input into the dialog... …
07:50 Ticket #2096 (ui.mouse: appendTo broken) created by wehriam
Lines 141-142 in UI mouse in rev 4311: […] If "appendTo" is …


20:27 Ticket #2095 ([PATCH] new GetText plugin) created by zimbatm
I tough it might be useful to have an unified way of translating text. …
17:06 Ticket #2094 (append to textarea broken in firefox) created by coptang
This is a browser bug but as it breaks jQuery functionality I think it is …
13:46 Ticket #2093 (Plugins cleanup.) created by zimbatm
Some ideas to clean the plugins. First of all, it's not really handy to …
13:15 Ticket #2092 ([PATCH] tablesorter 2.0 metadata) created by zimbatm
The following patch updates tablesorter 2.0 to work with the latest …
13:02 Ticket #2091 (`make with_plugins` broken) created by zimbatm
Many of the included folders have more than the jquery.$pluginname.js …
03:50 Ticket #2090 (.css() causes error when called on an element not in the DOM on Safari) created by nostrademons
In the attached test case, Firefox gives none/none/changed/changed and IE …


15:38 Ticket #2089 (interface drag n drop bug in jquery 1.2.1 (work well with 1.1.2)) created by user
With jquery 1.1.2, drag n drop works well (try in ie6, in firefox no …


11:02 Ticket #2088 (Table sorter is not working fine) created by saravanan
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-W3CDTD HTML 4.01 TransitionalEN" …
08:17 Ticket #2079 (javascript.options.strict warnings [1.2.2b]) reopened by Byron
It doesnt makes sense to leave this unfixed, until now, all strict …


20:57 Ticket #2079 (javascript.options.strict warnings [1.2.2b]) closed by brandon
wontfix: You can't just check for elem.length as that will be false when it is === …
20:54 Ticket #2087 (http://dev.jquery.com/view/trunk/jquery/dist/jquery.js missing.) closed by brandon
invalid: You must build this using either make or ant. make jquery or …
07:55 Ticket #2087 (http://dev.jquery.com/view/trunk/jquery/dist/jquery.js missing.) created by miksago
The javascript file  http://dev.jquery.com/view/trunk/jquery/dist/jquery.js


20:09 Ticket #2079 (javascript.options.strict warnings [1.2.2b]) reopened by Vegar
I've attached a fix for the init-warnings (that doesn't make the code a …
05:48 Ticket #2084 (BUG in [Fix "XHTML"-style tags in all browsers] code) closed by davidserduke
fixed: Fixed in [4293].
05:47 Changeset [05930c5a0d667c024c9acd0d087be846990fdcea] by David Serduke <davidserduke@…>
  • src/core.js
Fixed #2084 by added embed to the list of elements where it is ok to have self closing xhtml.
04:53 Changeset [c73eadf59952f71f5c55fe9887f1f9e005fe95a4] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/event.js
Fixed memory leak in IE with non-native event types
02:14 Ticket #2085 (javascript.options.strict warnings in 1.2.2 beta) closed by brandon
duplicate: Duplicate of #2079
02:11 Changeset [fde3d616ac3d8efe822c6dbf23d7659b00fc54b1] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/event.js
Removed check to prevent event from being fixed twice. Unfortunately, in IE this is sometimes necessary with its global event object. Binding both a mousedown and mousemove event is an example.
01:19 Ticket #2086 (Animate Method is buggy when changing font size with em units (IE bug ...) created by ajma
I have a chunk of code that animates fontsize changes with the units set …
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