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22:16 Changeset [8ece9e8fb1278e4e62aeb8896979b2a6815dcb3e] by Sean Catchpole <littlecooldude@…>
  • src/fx.js
Absolutely position animations, damn my twichy fingers for commiting too soon.
21:04 Changeset [e4a62e4ec60a1dc36274e5706b46faadf455bd16] by Sean Catchpole <littlecooldude@…>
  • src/fx.js
Animate should absolutely position if a number is passed (Ex: -700)
20:49 Ticket #1607 (It's not possible to animate an element to an absolute negative position.) created by gensmann
It's not possible to animate an element to an absolute negative position. …
20:49 Ticket #1606 (not enough fps on fade) created by AlexL
Hi, I'm new here so sorry if I filled some forms out wrong […] steps …
18:19 Ticket #1605 (IE6 hide/show makes elements wider) created by tomfilepp
Noticing on IE6 only, when you hide content and show it again, the content …
18:11 Ticket #1604 (IE6 incorrect value of jQuery(window).height()) created by Q-Zma
In IE6 incorrect value returned, instead of min value it returns max …
18:06 Ticket #1603 (IE7 and Sortable interface) created by rachitpatel
The demo on  http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/sort.html doesn't work …
17:37 Ticket #1602 (jQuery 1.1.4 and 1.2. Bug with Imagebox) created by Almer
There are some problems with JQuery & …
16:02 Ticket #1601 (Square bracket [] selectors doesn't work!) created by Greendrake
Assume we have this example html body: <body> <div><div></div></div> …
15:45 Changeset [e22336e7ae57833d1e903be196abdcd8d244e496] by Paul Mclanahan <pmclanahan@…>
  • build/runtest/test.js
Updated test.js for the runtest build target to reflect the path changes for the test scripts.
15:14 Ticket #1600 (serializeArray returns incorrect val if value is array) created by wizzud
I believe there is a bug in serializeArray whereby using... […] …
11:42 Ticket #1599 (Internet Explorer doesn't like negative values for CSS width) created by kkaefer
The follwoing code causes IE (at least IE 7) to throw a script error: …
10:41 Ticket #1598 (Execution of JavaScript code in AJAX response in IE and Safari) created by diz
Hello, There's a problem for the execution of JavaScript mixed with HTML …
02:38 Ticket #1597 (animation adding up incorrect with minus sign) created by bmsterling
Url for testing: …
01:46 Ticket #1596 (Broken "runtest" target in build.xml) created by gc
Project directory layout changed, but build.xml destroys the new layout.


23:24 Ticket #1595 (ajax provides no means for passing a username and password.) created by zbskii
XMLHttpRequest's open() can take an optional username and password as its …
21:30 Ticket #1594 (evalscripts() in .html() does not work the same in MSIE Safari and FF) created by fil
In my application (the "Crayons" plugin for SPIP), a script can be passed …
20:54 Ticket #1593 (Serialize ignores buttons) created by oridan
when specifically selecting a button and serializing it, it is no longer …
20:24 Ticket #1592 (Two variables are getting out from jQuery's namespace) created by stefan
variables 'end' and 'unit' in method 'animate'
18:33 Ticket #1591 (IE "Invalid Argument" $('table').attr('non-existent')) created by jdsharp
IE 6 throws an "Invalid Argument" error when attempting to get an …
18:03 Ticket #1590 (IE 7, Event Cloning does not work) created by lricci
From the example documentation. …
18:02 Ticket #1589 (Variables "end" and "unit" leak to global namespace) created by JeroenH
After running some animation (see …
18:00 Ticket #1588 (IE doesn't evaluate after a certain point whn pages are heavily loaded ...) created by Alakhnor
Using a jquery routine which evaluate a class on img and do some things …
16:33 Ticket #1587 (Creating inline element without closing tag in IE fails) created by jesse
If you try to create an inline element by using $('<span>') without …
16:29 Ticket #1536 (Jquery cant change input type in IE) reopened by abcdmitry
There is a solution for this kind of problem described at …
16:10 Ticket #1586 (Problem animating to 0%) created by Kaitlyn2004
With the introduction of the % animation effects, I tried to implement it …
16:03 Ticket #1585 (namespace.jQuery() fails when namespace.init is defined) created by arrix
Now jQuery can be assigned to any custom namespace. But the following code …
15:22 Ticket #1584 (cross-domain get[Script|JSON] not trigger ajaxStop) created by MiRacLe
script.onload = script.onreadystatechange = function(){ if ( !done && …
14:00 Ticket #1583 (Update to Packer 3.1) created by arrix
Update to the latest version of packer. rev 3241 jquery.pack.js * …
13:35 Ticket #1582 (the application is slow after some time of use) created by ubirajara.melo
Ola. My English comes of google translator therefore not if it scares. …
12:46 Ticket #1581 (jquery v1.2 removes GET arguments from the url of the form plugin ...) created by djot
- Hi, I use the forms plugin, sending data to the url index.php?foo=bar. …
12:32 Ticket #1580 ($.ajax puts query-part of url into data) created by Greendrake
I noticed that when I send a post ajax request with url like /foo?bar=1 it …
12:22 Ticket #1579 (1.2 Ajax method strips query string from URI) created by buzz27
The ajax method will not POST to URI's with a query string. So if I need …
02:13 Changeset [4c5f091d228477087fcaf8ab13d7473497a4aa80] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/offset.js
safari2 should just check the browser and version
01:08 Changeset [ed51be16224d392ae0b539d7aa2db294973c624d] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/offset.js
Include scroll offsets for everything but inline and table-row elements
00:43 Changeset [2608bae43818bbb3b828e35a2684d0a8a51cb5ab] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/offset.js
Couple of fixes to the offset method
00:27 Ticket #1578 ($.post does not send URL's query string) created by gallir
.post strips the query string from the given url. So the url part of …


19:43 Changeset [a36771c83e8a8317b70ff2372cbbefd87e4d9dce] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/fx.js
Fixed a bug that was occurring in the packed version of jQuery.
18:51 Changeset [ce256312d518e16a6ee7df5f7f301b8bf9a1caf2] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • version.txt
Tagging the 1.2 release.
18:39 Changeset [6476b15f1a6c3651c18e354d41ee0ab9b9a23e16] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
Made the expando code attach properties to an anonymous object, as opposed to the global window object, and fixed a bug where .removeAttribute() tried to fire even if it didn't exist.
00:00 Changeset [899ee03d37b6cbe6d0e8abc497026d611325cfba] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/selector.js
Fixed a bug in .dir() where it would return non-element nodes.


23:17 Changeset [f38251b2ce84a0ab6302475786c3e721dba2177c] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
Fixed spelling mistake.
23:08 Changeset [cd6ec6e157f78ab6810ae79c88ebdf6300d5d458] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
Added an extra check for removing a named cache property - calling it when it didn't exist caused an exception.
22:59 Changeset [139b03af7c2d7e70a26591424f82f09a02132198] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
Landing a version of $(document)/$(window) .width()/.height(). It won't win any awards, but it'll hold us over for this release.
21:34 Changeset [052aa1445a780f69576a800836be73b57b62a909] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
  • src/selector.js
Added .prevAll() and .nextAll() functionality.
19:00 Changeset [b59c94d5c23c0b1ec4b2506be0aed6b0578f19f3] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
So, apparently, I never committed the second half of the new field value code. This allows you to set values on groups of checkboxes, radio buttons, and selects.
18:29 Changeset [b4bf244c0e3ca1c0945e2bfe0bf1a117b20f567e] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
Fixed some line ending issues.
18:09 Changeset [4e504d86b9dc9e1501f598744f6c3b19f834c487] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax.js
Errors were occuring with getScript, if you called it too early.
17:16 Ticket #1577 (Farbtastic breaks with jQ 1.1.4, while working fine with jQ 1.1.3) created by phjr
Steps to reproduce: 1. Get Farbtastic 1.2 2. Get jQ 1.1.4, compressed 3. …
16:17 Changeset [97fe63cb4826cbeb74bc0c3a72648f57ae0f0881] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/fx.js
Moved the fx queueing over to the new expando system.
16:12 Changeset [7e9d8531544c00b80969b135b19bd2bfad686739] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/fx.js
.stop() wouldn't resume any queued animations.
14:15 Ticket #1576 (Slider positioning itself wrong in Safari) created by jespern
When I use the Slider in safari, something odd happens. When I drag it, it …


23:31 Ticket #1523 (Events expando should be customizable) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev [3159].
23:31 Changeset [3a4e1233aa2acabee0d0267d54c2d1112fbdcad4] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
  • src/event.js
  • src/selector.js
  • test/data/testrunner.js
  • test/unit/event.js
Landing the new expando management code. Completely overhauls how data is associated with elements. Plugins will be most interested in: - jQuery.data(elem) -> Unique ID for the element - jQuery.data(elem, name) -> Named data store for the element - jQuery.data(elem, name, value) -> Saves a value to the named data store - jQuery.removeData(elem) -> Remove the expando and the complete data store - jQuery.removeData(elem, name) -> Removes just this one named data store jQuery's .remove() and .empty() automatically clean up after themselves. Once an element leaves a DOM document their events are no longer intact. Thus, statements like so: {{{ $("#foo").remove().appendTo("#bar"); }}} should be written like so: {{{ $("#foo").appendTo("#bar"); }}} in order to avoid losing the bound events.
20:00 Ticket #968 ($('<tag>') needs optional document parameter to ease cross-frame DOM ...) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN.
18:02 Changeset [15a78f8fea8679205bc734ec053ff24ebbfd31c8] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • build.xml
  • src/offset.js
Reintroduced .offset() as a default include, added original author credits.
16:19 Changeset [2929f8aa67584fc5fab05bdfae8a5b06245cacc7] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
Landing the .clone() rewrite by Brandon (also includes the new event cloning functionality .clone(true)).
14:58 Changeset [cc22c04c9087d33ba403bd9630f04aababf82030] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • build.xml
Disabled the automatic inclusion of offset.js
14:50 Changeset [2ce41905c4e9f2a9e9016b6d9eae806bfd1953de] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
Removed the test suite generation code.
14:44 Changeset [28ee5c692245e18bdedcc91372949ec8b784ee36] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • build.xml
  • src/offset.js
Added the new .offset() method, directly imported from Dimensions (heavily worked over by both Brandon and John). Original source: http://brandonaaron.net/jquery/issues/dimensions/new_offset/jquery.offset.js
13:54 Ticket #1376 (Ajax Cache) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN.
13:49 Changeset [d2f82aba26e49e957af493b4ed81c025ac5c194b] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/core.js
Added .hasClass() (Simply just passes through to .is()).
12:46 Changeset [6728e3cf74d02794113deb0af70a5f9a7caa2241] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • build.xml
  • src/core.js
  • test/unit/ajax.js
  • test/unit/core.js
  • test/unit/event.js
  • test/unit/fx.js
  • test/unit/selector.js
Finished up some of the reorganization.
12:42 Changeset [b4e23b5af0820a66c2e275051f613f3df9a4444d] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • Makefile
  • src/ajax.js
  • src/event.js
  • src/fx.js
  • src/jquery.js
  • src/selector.js
  • test/data/cow.jpg
  • test/data/dashboard.xml
  • test/data/json.php
  • test/data/json_obj.js
Reorganzing the jQuery source (first phase).
12:33 Changeset [13b66c8ba9618242df2c1cc352a2b1d879c36188] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/selector/selector.js
Added a new :animated selector - only selects elements that are currently being animated.
02:56 Ticket #86 (Animations using percent or ems) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev [3133].
02:56 Ticket #203 (More control over animation) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev [3133].


21:57 Changeset [902554a38da6c9e2d0c115bc189634d56f9b4d34] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/fx/fx.js
Massive FX rewrite. Full list of changes: - You can now animate non-px values (em and %, for example) - You can animate things things that previously broke (like font-size) - You can now write fx plugins (to add in the ability to animate colors, for example) - Advanced queueing controls were added (.queue(), .dequeue(), and {queue:false}) - Step was re-tooled to work with the new fx plugin scheme - Added the ability to do relative animations - Made it so that you can do simultaneous animations on a single element - A complete refactoring of jQuery.fx, improving naming, and usability
21:40 Ticket #760 (.css('fontSize') returns different value in Internet Explorer) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev [3132].
21:39 Changeset [3abf3125cb737f120b6b86c6011fd7ce0e6ba7cc] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Fix for bug #760 (fontSize returns different values in IE). This was part of a larger issue where IE returned non-pixel values from it's computed style - this normalizes it (thanks to a fix by Dean Edwards).
19:28 Changeset [ba2109136deda8fce5bd4d4dc96f0a45ffaf646a] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event/event.js
Fixed a bug in event - "native" is a reserved word in Safari 2.
13:05 Ticket #1575 (Treeview should use :has() instead of []-selector for jQuery 1.2 ...) created by c_t
[]-selector will be gone in 1.2... So :has()-selector should be used …
04:16 Ticket #1574 (Year range) created by iMarc
Submitted on Calendar Page  http://marcgrabanski.com/code/jquery-calendar


16:44 Ticket #1573 (Slidedown double take in Firefox) created by sheetzam
This happens in Firefox v on the mac (not sure about other …
16:37 Ticket #1572 (document.body is null!) created by XASD
 http://dev.jquery.com/ticket/1402 still not resolved for page load …
13:08 Ticket #1571 (Cursor position in IE) created by wizzud
Cursor position reported by event.pageX and event.pageY is out by a couple …
07:47 Ticket #1570 (Escaped quotes not escaped in html attributes) created by GhiOm
I want to create an html element / dom object with jquery. This object has …
01:30 Ticket #1569 (create jQuery elemnent for <option> bug) created by LuckyKing
If you create a jQuery element by $("<option>"), you will get an element …


17:22 Changeset [84eb2cffca04d231015e86a4c1d9d23f9efbd68e] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax/ajaxTest.js
Forgot to update the $.param() tests.
17:09 Changeset [ad5539bab3e1d6806e054dd5b14cf341a675ded0] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/ajax/ajaxTest.js
Re-disabled the Ajax tests in Safari.
17:06 Changeset [f96bf1041553775a94c1034c97e253e350217173] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • build/test/index.html
  • src/ajax/ajax.js
  • src/ajax/ajaxTest.js
  • src/event/eventTest.js
  • src/jquery/coreTest.js
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
  • src/selector/selectorTest.js
Integration of Mike Alsup's excellent form serialization code. The benefits are as follows: - New method: .serializeArray() This returns an array of name/value pairs representing the contents of a form, or individual input elements. - Enhancement: .serialize() The results are correct now (as opposed to the mess from before), and allows you to serializes forms directly (rather than just the input elements). - Enhancement: .val() This now returns the correct value when dealing wih selects. Additionally, when dealing with multiple selects, it returns an array of values. Based upon Mike's code: http://malsup.com/jquery/form/comp/form.js and test suite: http://malsup.com/jquery/form/comp/test.html
14:04 Ticket #1568 (TreeView wraps at hitarea-DIV in IE6) created by mbirth
I wanted to use jQuery and TreeView in our intranet, but since 90% of the …
10:12 Ticket #1567 (nodeName without toUpperCase() in add() method) created by davojan
In jquery 1.1.4 on line 285: […] should be: […] Reason: in xhtml …
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