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20:58 Ticket #1160 (Dimensions: <body> with margin auto results in bogus values from offset() ...) closed by brandon
wontfix: Margins, borders and padding must be specified in pixel values for the …
20:54 Ticket #1141 ($('#id').height() and $('#id').width() performance under IE7) reopened by brandon
Hmmm ... I haven't been able to reproduce this. Could someone provide a …
20:52 Ticket #1257 (width() too slow on IE6) closed by brandon
duplicate: duplicate of #1141
20:49 Ticket #1141 ($('#id').height() and $('#id').width() performance under IE7) closed by brandon
worksforme: width and height methods in dimensions just fall back to the jQuery core …
20:21 Ticket #1298 (Packer v3 breaks $.httpData for Json) created by harningt
Packer v3 messes with the internal variable names thus making the Json …
15:16 Ticket #1297 (Tooltip plugin not working properly) created by Olsa
Using the tooltip plugin from Joern Zaefferer, everything works fine with …
06:04 Ticket #1196 (ie latency) closed by brandon
worksforme: This works for me ... feel free to reopen the ticket with a simple test …
06:02 Ticket #1296 (new method - innerWrap , does wrap on an elements children) created by wjessup
<div> <span></span> <span></span> </div> -------------- …
06:01 Ticket #1266 ($(object).show turns a line level element into a block level element :() closed by brandon
fixed: This is fixed in 1.1.3a (latest SVN)
06:00 Ticket #1194 (JQuery.js and sothink dhtml menu) closed by brandon
fixed: I believe this is resolved with the new event system under the hood of …
05:52 Ticket #1269 (JQuery .css() background url and https) closed by brandon
worksforme: It might be a copy and paste error but it should be this: …
05:43 Ticket #1293 (Works in Firefox and not in IE) closed by brandon
invalid: Please feel free to post such general issues to the jQuery mailing list / …
05:38 Ticket #1291 (Show and fadeIn use display:block instead of reverting back to the default) closed by brandon
fixed: This is fixed in jQuery 1.1.3a (latest SVN)
05:34 Ticket #1277 (.not() method not functioning as expected.) closed by brandon
invalid: Yeah this was explained very well on the mailing list ... closing out as …
05:31 Ticket #1295 (Conflict with Omniture javascript) closed by brandon
fixed: This is fixed with the new event system under the hood in 1.1.3a.
02:04 Ticket #1295 (Conflict with Omniture javascript) created by trischuk
I ran into a conflict between jQuery's and Omniture's javascript libs. …
00:15 Ticket #948 (jquery ajax authentification intégré iis) reopened by jf5110a
If you don't mind I'd like to reopen this ticket. I am having the same …


22:12 Changeset [4b8c7d856152df67ddab50327d6da8d68470ec7e] by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • build/test/data/testrunner.js
Removed useless safari workarounds, added rerun-single-test feature: just doubleclick on a single test to execute that one, use browser's back button get back to executing all
22:06 Changeset [f621f92a4d2df47b9f1568d6973e21a019203b93] by Jörn Zaefferer <joern.zaefferer@…>
  • build/build/min.js
  • build/build/pack.js
Modified min build to include (like pack) the license header, thanks John for the regex
15:08 Ticket #1276 (.loadIfModified() won't work in FF2.0) closed by john


23:12 Ticket #1294 (selectedIndex lost after clone() in Internet Explorer) created by jesse
It seems that after a jQuery clone(), the value of select boxes are lost …
16:23 Ticket #1293 (Works in Firefox and not in IE) created by chandshy
Using latest Firefox, IE and Windows Vista I have created a calandar …
13:34 Ticket #1292 ([Patch] Etag support for ajax.ifModified) created by Chainfire
Here's a patch to add Etag support to AJAX with ifModified == true Diff'd …


17:00 Ticket #1291 (Show and fadeIn use display:block instead of reverting back to the default) created by Determinist
When using fadeIn or Show on a hidden element the CSS display property is …
06:33 Ticket #1282 (fix Effects hide(speed,callback) and show(speed,callback)) closed by john
worksforme: Fixed in jQuery 1.1.3a.
06:32 Ticket #1288 (crashed!!) closed by john


09:11 Ticket #1290 (long id cannot be adressed via jquery) created by fpauser
hi, i get this textarea: …


04:00 Ticket #1289 (ajax , rename the parameter called xml) created by jakecigar
patch renaming the parameter 'xml' and sometimes 'r' to 'xhr'. I think it …


23:59 Ticket #1288 (crashed!!) created by Iant
Not very good ticketing system, i keep getting an internal error, all i …
23:56 Ticket #1287 (interface shopping cart) created by Iant
I have created a cart, but when dragging items into the cart, you cant …
12:12 Ticket #1286 ("Getting Started with jQuery" tutorial out of date) created by schettino72
I just started to use JQuery. I was folowing the tutorial "Getting Started …


22:39 Ticket #1285 (Draggable IE memory leak) created by xoid
When creating simple draggable element using Draggable(), memory leak …
14:27 Ticket #1284 (FF: animate() don't work) created by adrian_wrobel
The animation don't work again if something was already shown or hidden in …
12:21 Ticket #1283 (Unwanted MouseUp for iSlider) created by banzzai
I'm experimenting some strange behaviour from a slider; When I MouseDown …
02:26 Ticket #1282 (fix Effects hide(speed,callback) and show(speed,callback)) created by achun
[…] so. callback is Security.
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