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23:34 Ticket #1243 (IE doesn't work with $('a[@text=sometext]').click()) closed by brandon
invalid: The @ selector is an attribute selector. Please use the :contains() …
20:10 Ticket #1259 (rss feed for tickets has the wrong links!) created by jakecigar
 http://dev.jquery.com/report/ticket/1258 is in the feed. But it should …
19:24 Ticket #1258 (Functionality Changed regarding Fade) created by bgoldman
[12:16] bgoldman86: i put an alert in jquery.js and i found the bug. it …
19:24 Ticket #1217 (Firefox complains about event.which not being writable (keyboard event ...) closed by brandon
fixed: This is now fixed in Rev [2009]
19:22 Changeset [ee31297a83f3add9f1832e863da3b6100ab9e7d3] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/event/event.js
Fix event.which (#1217)
18:26 Ticket #1257 (width() too slow on IE6) created by ricobl
I've got very slow results using the width method to get the width of …
17:10 Ticket #1256 (Error involving e.which/e.keycode) created by bgoldman
Here's a paste from FireBug: setting a property that has only a getter …
15:36 Ticket #1238 (Easing function missing in 1.1.3 alpha) closed by john
duplicate: Duplicate of #1212.
13:57 Ticket #1195 (Attribute selector Form expando issue) closed by brandon
worksforme: After looking at this in more detail, I've concluded that ... it is the …
13:09 Ticket #1241 (MaskedInput plugin breaks in 1.1.3a) closed by brandon
duplicate: Duplicate of #1217
09:01 Ticket #1255 (Plugins/autocompleter : Focus before the page load) created by dytryh
When an input bind to autocompleter script whith jquery.ready() have the …
07:58 Ticket #1254 (Draggables in a scrollable div in IE(7)) created by robg
The problem involves placing Draggables inside a fixed-height, scrollable …


20:20 Ticket #1253 (Allow binding to multiple events simultaneously with .bind()) created by daemach
I was just reading in this cool book "Pro Javascript Techniques" about how …
09:23 Ticket #1252 (Plugins/autocompleter : Trim on user input) created by dytryh
If user input only white space chars, autocompleter not trim his input and …
07:22 Ticket #1251 (Setting .innerHTML while document loading breaks $(document).ready() in IE) created by geary
If JavaScript code sets the innerHTML of any element while the document is …


16:45 Ticket #1250 (Provide jQuery.map with proper scope) created by blairmitchelmore
Currently jQuery.map calls its mapping function plainly (ie "var val = …
16:41 Ticket #1249 (Normalizing borderWidth in ideal situations) created by blairmitchelmore
If you define an element with a border of "1px solid black" then the call …
14:04 Ticket #1248 (Ability to add selectable items in the Selectable plugin) created by Alex.w
Currently after creating the Selectable if you add objects to the …
11:15 Ticket #1247 (links to mailing lists do not work) created by djot
On this site all links to the mailing lists are broken: …


16:46 Ticket #1098 (addClass, removeClass and togleClass in IE) closed by brandon
invalid: This is an issue with your CSS.
10:53 Ticket #844 (Loading jQuery 1.1 with Prototype throws error) reopened by aercolino
03:23 Ticket #1098 (addClass, removeClass and togleClass in IE) reopened by patcoll
not working for me. test case:  http://patcoll.com/jqueryTest/


06:32 Ticket #1246 (Problem when using FCKEditor with Interface Sortable) created by quocbao
The content of the area is lost whenever i drag the "editor block" to …


22:25 Ticket #1245 (Bug with submitHandler) created by nikola
wtf is this!!! […] This always returns TRUE!!!! Fix it like this, …
14:17 Ticket #818 (complete API docs draft as alternative to wiki/vq) closed by joern
01:01 Ticket #1244 (Reload Function) created by bgoldman
Shorthand for reloading/refreshing the page. Could be useful in the core. …


23:00 Ticket #1243 (IE doesn't work with $('a[@text=sometext]').click()) created by vokic
I do not know if someone already mention this, but while working on one …
12:50 Ticket #1242 (Unload event handlers may cause memory leaks in Internet Explorer) created by choan
As the unload event handlers are not removed by the event system, they may …
12:21 Ticket #1241 (MaskedInput plugin breaks in 1.1.3a) created by markguinn
Gives an error when you start typing in the text field to which the plugin …
05:32 Ticket #1240 (XUL and .val(...), .attr('value', ...)...) created by darh
As I figured out, XUL documents are identified as XML documents (via …


20:45 Ticket #1231 (jQuery 1.1.3 testbuild breaks latest validation plugin in IE6) reopened by joern
Thanks Brandon, that fixed most issues I had with 1.1.3 and the validation …
15:49 Ticket #1239 (hide function broken in Safari on elements not in DOM (see example)) created by remysharp
[…] In Firefox, correctly displays 'none', in Safari this is blank. …
13:52 Ticket #935 (Event.data is a global event object) closed by brandon
fixed: Good call ... thanks Jesse! Fixed in Rev [1962].
13:51 Changeset [7e03645a5534fc582847df6ece72aec516487b47] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/event/event.js
Clean up in jQuery.event.add for assigning a handler.guid
13:29 Ticket #1211 ($('td').bind("click", function(){}); doesn't work in internet ...) closed by brandon
fixed: This is working for me with jQuery 1.1.3a/latest SVN
13:24 Ticket #1218 (Firefox complains about event.which not being writable (keyboard event ...) closed by brandon
duplicate: Dup of #1217
13:20 Ticket #1226 (IE pseudo memory leak) closed by brandon
duplicate: Dup of #1233
13:15 Ticket #1223 (Cannot appendTo on select element) closed by brandon
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #1087 which is closed as fixed in Rev [1784].
13:12 Ticket #1215 (Selector bug with IE 6 & 7) closed by brandon
worksforme: This works for me with latest SVN and jQuery 1.1.3a
12:52 Ticket #1231 (jQuery 1.1.3 testbuild breaks latest validation plugin in IE6) closed by brandon
fixed: This was the result of Rev [1892] which was rolled back in Rev [1961]
12:51 Ticket #1163 (oForm.elements problem in IE) closed by brandon
wontfix: I'm marking this as wontfix but I'm providing a work around. Please make …
12:49 Ticket #1163 (oForm.elements problem in IE) reopened by brandon
I have rolled back the fix because passing in a form element is the same …
12:48 Changeset [970eb0f020b7a57f313e438490b4018c5569f8b3] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/jquery/coreTest.js
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Rolling back Rev 1892
10:23 Ticket #935 (Event.data is a global event object) reopened by jesse
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