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16:09 Ticket #1030 (value attribute on <option/> element required on IE) created by jimfuller2007
When using a selector such as; $('select#age').val() to get current …
13:55 Ticket #1029 ($().html() serializes href attribute in IE) created by brandon
Take the following text (snippet): <a href="/?q=node/1" rel="bookmark" …
09:31 Ticket #1028 (.extend() recursively) created by vmx
extend() doesn't go through the properties recursively. For the following …
00:00 Ticket #1027 (IE error: Automation server can't create object ... when ActiveX disabled) created by rbygrave
If you are using an IE Browser that has ActiveX disabled then jQuery ajax …


17:21 Ticket #1026 (isFunction with recursive ajax request) created by teemow
If I use the short version of jQuery.get (second parameter is callback …
08:14 Ticket #1025 (Infinite loop from certain queries) created by kenman
I'm hesitant to post this because I know its just due to my typos. I also …
01:22 Ticket #143 ('.'s in element ids) reopened by rbygrave
I want to use jQuery with Java Server Faces (JSF). JSF by default uses …
01:05 Ticket #1024 (children() and text nodes) created by vmx
It would be nice if children() would also return text nodes. Of course the …


19:48 Ticket #1023 (IE6: $(form).submit() doesn't trigger attached events by ...) created by arikon
I'm using this to submit form via ajax request: […] I have also …
17:42 Changeset [2b9b3e90c1810b53054842ec5b61e628798292ba] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/event/event.js
Fix generic event handler and $events expando removal for IE
17:34 Changeset [fe1910d4d9f547774cb26f4770b303635333f8e6] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/event/event.js
Fix generic event handler and $events expando removal for IE
13:12 Ticket #1022 (Interface: slider and keyboard usage) created by trixta
some little errors in dragmoveByKey: this.dragElem is undefined -> should …
09:10 Ticket #1021 (fx/animate loses original overflow setting) created by lm
Within fx() (which is used by animate()), the css 'overflow' property …


12:42 Ticket #1020 (fx problem in IE7) created by XASD
In fx() function line: y.display = "block"; Set display property to …


16:01 Ticket #1019 (ImageBox - white box behind loading.gif) created by janetweber
When Imagebox starts the loading.gif displays with a white box


18:29 Ticket #1018 (IE error in complex selector) created by aichinge
I have selector like this '.EnFormActive//#en_form_23 td' The html code …
12:45 Ticket #1017 (imagebox variables conflict with DOM objects with the same ID (ex: ...) created by wick
When an DOM object exists with an ID that matches one of the improperly …
12:40 Ticket #1016 (IE 6 > Sortable boxes: cannot refill empty div.groupWrapper) created by rombeh
If I drag/sort box-item (div.groupItem) till the 'wrapper container' …
00:54 Ticket #921 (IE Fires click event after doing a .clone()) reopened by brice
IE $.clone() event is still prevalent. In short: The scope of clones is …


16:44 Ticket #1015 (Add IE6 detection to $.browser) created by joern
Mike proposed this implementation: […]
16:35 Ticket #1014 (Highlight effect not working correctly in IE) created by thecrumb
Highlight effect does not appear to work correctly in IE6/7 (WinXP). …
15:43 Ticket #1013 (AJAX don't work in IE6) created by mkknot
when I use the core AJAX, it work on FF2.0 but not in f*ing IE6... my …
08:25 Ticket #1012 (Imagebox enhancement proposals) created by etnt
1. A way of customize the text shown (e.g …
05:25 Ticket #962 ([PATCH] A fix in clean method) closed by john
fixed: Committed in SVN rev [1472].
05:16 Changeset [9791855ea91988e9ff02063e0c5ece759d8ba898] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/jquery/coreTest.js
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Fix for bug #962.
04:54 Changeset [6b729ff7984d9d4d09dff042a3896022dae3783d] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event/event.js
  • src/event/eventTest.js
Cleaned up how event removing was handled. All expandos are now removed when they are no longer needed. Additionally, a bug where all events are unbound if an incorrect event handler is provided, was fixed.
01:31 Ticket #1011 (.fadeIn() broken in Firefox 3) created by voyagerfan5761
As of Gran Paradiso Alpha 2, jQuery's fade-in effect does not work.


23:00 Ticket #1010 (ImageBox - Can't close box and loading.gif not showing) created by janetweber
ImagaBox has two problems: 1. Can't close box, Close button not working. …
23:00 Ticket #1009 (ImageBox - Can't close box and loadind.gif not showing) created by janetweber
ImagaBox has two problems: 1. Can't close box, Close button not working. …
22:03 Ticket #895 (js error when selecting a non unexisting id (description below)) reopened by jgrucza
This is still not working in 1.1.2. Please fix.
17:50 Ticket #1008 (IE7 fails $('select#Choice :selected').val();) created by reisac
I have something like: <select id=Choice><option …
16:59 Changeset [f8fcc9525d2d596c98d84f8fc085579018437813] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • build/test/data/testrunner.js
Disabled the test suite in Safari.
14:57 Ticket #1007 (InterTrac does not work) created by harningt
I am attempting to use InterTrac from an internal Trac site to link to …
14:27 Changeset [5adf740a1522c18504b66a7d67ab23b00aad34db] by Brandon Aaron <brandon.aaron@…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Fix for Safari crashes when doing DOM Manipulations
11:21 Ticket #1006 (Test Suite Crashes in Safari) created by stuff
I just can't run the 1.1.2 test suite under safari (2.0.4) the browser …
10:06 Ticket #1005 (jQuery v 1.1.2 not playing well with dimension.js) created by GiulianoMarcangelo
functions innerWidth() outerWidth() and are blowing out respectively on …
02:02 Ticket #1004 (min-height causes abnormal slide effect) created by Yansky
When you set a min-height for a div in your stylesheet, the …
00:11 Ticket #1002 (Move jQuery 1.1.1 Wiki Changes into SVN) closed by john
fixed: Done!
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