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13:57 Ticket #113 (hover() mouseout bug) reopened by mmihajlovic@…
I'm still getting an error on IE. Althoug I haven't tested it, I think the …
09:32 Ticket #159 (Ajax refactoring) created by will@…
== Description == refactored the code in the ajax module so that things …
08:53 Ticket #158 (Native XMLHttp in IE) created by john
> If IE is used, create a wrapper for the XMLHttpRequest object > if ( …
05:54 Ticket #157 (Add 'json' type ot httpData) created by john
This will begin the steps to adding better JSON support in jQuery.
05:53 Ticket #156 (ifModified arg to $.ajax()) created by john
There is no way to pass in the ifModified arg to $.ajax() when passing in …
05:08 Ticket #155 (Get Namespaced Elements in XML Documents) created by slantedtiles@…
I've recently had the need to improve jQuery's selector support for XML …


20:57 Ticket #154 (Britney) created by edbrannin@…
I'm using JQuery 1.0 on a webpage with elements named 'A', 'A.1', 'A.2', …
17:21 Ticket #153 (Animate function release) created by anonymous
This is one of the function that exists in the jQuery already. Just …
10:38 Ticket #152 (Events module leaves stray script element in IE) created by henrah
Matthias Miller's DOMReady hack creates a new script element using …


21:56 Ticket #151 (attr() does not work correctly for 'disabled' attribute) created by ieure
It is possible to set the 'disabled' attribute on a form control with …
21:27 Ticket #150 ([PATCH] slide & fade functions) created by ieure
With v1.0, the old method of doing: $(foo).slideDown().fadeIn(); No …
20:32 Ticket #149 (Updatig value of input field is not showing up) created by dirk.olbertz@…
When changing the value of a input field like this: …
18:46 Ticket #148 (XPath query with context node doesn't work anymore.) created by ieure
I've been doing this with jQuery SVN and 1.0a: $('../../..', this); To …
07:18 Ticket #147 (Including jQuery again overwrites already registered document-ready events) created by Jörn
By including jQuery again, all document-ready events are lost. If you can …
06:27 Ticket #141 (Packed jQuery fails in Safari) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN.
06:19 Changeset [c0e4280282d03a449caaf87d5a6bfe151a874796] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Fixed the issue with jQuery not packing correctly for Safari.
01:20 Ticket #145 (failing in Firefox Mac) created by kei
all demos including Interface are failing in Firefox Mac but no …


22:20 Ticket #144 (support of ancestor:: axis) created by stripTM
I am not able to succeed in xpath searches with axes. For example with …
17:29 Ticket #143 ('.'s in element ids) closed by john
wontfix: The period has special meaning in CSS - which is what jQuery implements. …
13:33 Ticket #143 ('.'s in element ids) created by anonymous
$(Expression) does not find element ID and NAME tokens must begin with a …


22:39 Changeset [0382a490f5e5ee781098981db050a23d4f2e5a36] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Added .not() test case.
17:39 Ticket #141 (Packed jQuery fails in Safari) created by john
The compressed version of jQuery fails to load in Safari.
17:33 Ticket #128 (Sherry) closed by john
fixed: This should be resolved in 1.0.
16:50 Changeset [0f458cf806ed4013dc2ef289c990f3818df0fd25] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Added a bunch of documentation fixes.
08:13 Ticket #139 (children() & children(expr) not work) created by xianan.chen@…
Error: a.nodeName has no properties Line: 1336 test here: …
08:11 Ticket #138 (remove() & remove(expr) not work) created by xianan.chen@…
Error: t.replace is not a function Line: 1316 test here: …
04:00 Milestone 1.0 completed
This release is designed to take care of all outstanding bugs that exist …
03:51 Ticket #122 (JQuery core is not functional without the effects module) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev 231.
03:51 Changeset [48ec10044f011ccfe9bd232d629682b59cccbd97] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/event/event.js
  • src/fx/fx.js
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Added in a bunch of fx fixes - and hide/show/toggle are decoupled from later methods.
02:32 Ticket #111 (@name breaks with name="name") closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN.
01:06 Ticket #137 (Disable $ Function) created by john
This can be used as a way to use Prototype and jQuery at the same time. …
00:43 Changeset [a2af24b064bd1384c24b896fdd9c7d322954546b] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • build/js/pack.js
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Quick bug fix, formatted pack better.


21:22 Ticket #131 (Safari .css() Borked) closed by john
fixed: Added in SVN rev 229.
21:22 Changeset [94fc6aac1990dc3233c70f471432c5b9f230e756] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Added a fix for the Safari computedStyle bug.
21:04 Ticket #123 (Resize event not working) closed by john
worksforme: It appears as if I already fixed this.
18:38 Ticket #60 (.html( string ) sets attribute) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN rev 228.
18:38 Changeset [906478800db84631ddbd6b132450f65a2176bd2c] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • build/test/js/test.js
  • build/test/test.js
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Fixed some bugs with the test suite and fixed a bug with setting attributes.
01:16 Ticket #76 (.css('height') bug in Mac Opera) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN.
01:16 Ticket #126 (Nesting Animations) closed by john
fixed: Resolved in SVN.
01:16 Ticket #133 (Slide Bug) closed by john
fixed: I fixed the Opera bug - however, the other bug is far more complicated and …


23:45 Changeset [7caca06cfc28fab22ec9c3a2d1363fec8d8c1951] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/fx/fx.js
Fixed the giant negative number issue that Opera was having.
23:10 Changeset [23e255015fb5e4f5ce7e8dd091b1550e80cccdd9] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Added fix for non-standard CSS attributes in IE.
21:30 Changeset [8a1adfcd2a0ea8fbb72ac53537cbfe6ebeba0cdf] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • src/fx/fx.js
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Added in some more bug fixes - and added the slideToggle method.
19:47 Ticket #135 (Invalid IE Pointer) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN 224.
19:43 Changeset [ccf9d4406296fed48aae0989f2303287f133ed9e] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • build/docs/js/doc.js
  • src/fx/fx.js
  • src/jquery/jquery.js
Fixed some bugs, improved the quality of some of the variables.
19:28 Ticket #136 (Safari Keypress Double-Firing) created by contact@…
Here is the full description...however...I am not even sure this is a …


05:29 Ticket #26 (Allow step callback for effects) closed by john
fixed: Added in SVN.
04:55 Ticket #135 (Invalid IE Pointer) created by john
There was a problem that an invalid pointer error occurs. The error occurs …
04:48 Ticket #134 (Trigger browser event) created by john
If you trigger an event $(...).submit(), .focus(), .blur(), .select(), …
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