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21:18 Ticket #106 (Detecting AJAX Failure) created by john
If my connection drops in the middle of an AJAX request, I get error …
15:44 Changeset [785d500cac31619b53f976fa122d1f1d10b721a5] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • form/form.js
Made some changes to the form plugin, to simplify it and bring it up to date.
09:21 Ticket #104 (bug with hide()/show() when hide() is called more than once before show(), ...) created by Jörn
In my scenario an element was display 'list-item' was hidden more than …
05:32 Ticket #103 (Move Committers to new SVN) created by john
I need to move all the current jQuery committers to the new SVN …
05:31 Ticket #102 (removeAttr()) created by john
It would be nice to have a removeAttr() method.
05:30 Ticket #101 (display reset too much) created by john
in fx.a() display is reset to block - this shouldn't occur after the final …
05:01 Ticket #98 (IE 7 Homepage) created by john
The homepage sometimes wigs out in IE 7 - I think this is due to document …
04:38 Ticket #97 (Matt) created by john
It should be clearer as to how one edits their mailing list subscription: …
04:32 Ticket #96 (Create IE 5.0 Support Plugin) created by john
There needs to be a plugin that can be used to support IE 5.0


20:20 Changeset [6e868bb091f14a534c898c7a47e6fecd3e403b60] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • jquery/jquery.js
Events that fire after the browser has already moved to another page no longer fire incorrectly.
15:59 Ticket #95 (Hover mouseout fails in Safari) created by john
There still appears to be a problem with this. Here's a fresh test page to …
14:46 Ticket #94 (XPath issue) created by john
In firebug console (or in page JS): > >> $("td") [<td>,<td …
10:07 Ticket #92 (fadeIn() and fadeOut() ignored by IE. same for .css) created by nicolas noben
IE6.0 (XP pro SP2) ignores fadeIn() and fadeOut(), same for .css. I could …
06:55 Ticket #91 (REV 159 fadeIn error on IE) created by will@…
when using any sort of fadeTo or FadeIn on the latest version (rev 159) in …
02:30 Ticket #90 (slideDown fails in IE) created by john
Example:  https://www.trendskitchens.co.nz/jquery/test.html
02:30 Ticket #89 (Animation overflow not set properly) created by john
Example:  https://www.trendskitchens.co.nz/jquery/test.html


22:20 Ticket #88 ("this" functionality change after rev.110) closed by beerfu@…
invalid: I have discovered its related to several "Array.prototype..." and …
17:37 Ticket #88 ("this" functionality change after rev.110) created by beerfu@…
$("#submitbtn").each(function(){ this.disabled = true; this.value = …
06:06 Changeset [aa5c4d8828bd8956218ccca47ee7a029fe26008e] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • fx/fx.js
Fixed width/height animations don't lapse back to auto. There's no longer a flicker for fixed sized items. The overflow for items is no longer tampered with, if it doesn't have to be. .cur() is used for all animations in place of .max(), with much better results.
03:57 Ticket #81 (curCSS needs camelCase passed to currentStyle) closed by john
fixed: Fixed in SVN.
03:56 Changeset [0a4dc3f8f295d10bbe855a11f52931c6c979e29e] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • jquery/jquery.js
Make sure that camel case is passed in to currentStyle.
03:53 Ticket #66 (Delete opacity property) closed by anonymous
03:52 Ticket #39 ($.auto() should be optomized) closed by john
fixed: This has been improved as best as possible.
03:51 Ticket #65 (Opacity style attribute bug) closed by anonymous
03:51 Ticket #79 (fx opacity hide/show) closed by john
fixed: Resolved in SVN.
03:50 Changeset [9e37da96d12c0f35c766a4724c5d565d0a50ab42] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • fx/fx.js
  • jquery/jquery.js
Fixed the opacity problems with IE & animations.
03:09 Changeset [29a059142123a8bde16de2e579e7708a86a8de78] by John Resig <jeresig@…>
  • fx/fx.js
  • jquery/jquery.js
IE flicker has been killed and setAuto now works in Firefox and IE.


16:39 Ticket #87 ($() bug!) created by gilles@…
See test case code @  http://www.webunity.nl/_test/jquery/formbug/
05:33 Ticket #86 (Animations using percent or ems) created by bradleysepos@…
At some point it should be possible to retain the relative units when …
01:35 Ticket #85 (complex animation error) created by will@…
error z.o.complete has no properties when doing complex animations w/ …


18:21 Ticket #84 (hover cross browser issue) created by Simon Jia
When i try to use the jtip and the drag and drop plugin for jquery, i …
16:12 Ticket #83 ($('document').get(x).remove(); doesn't work) closed by anonymous
16:11 Ticket #82 (.get() issues) closed by anonymous
fixed: well, could just use the inline syntax with eq
16:04 Ticket #83 ($('document').get(x).remove(); doesn't work) created by anonymous
Having some problems getting remove to work, when I do $('.manytomany …
16:03 Ticket #82 (.get() issues) created by Abdur-Rahman Advany
The current code in the base only gives back an normale object instead of …
02:24 Ticket #81 (curCSS needs camelCase passed to currentStyle) created by dave.methvin@…


19:17 Ticket #80 ('f has no properties' when using parents(...)) created by anonymous
Using svn jquery, testcase is here: …
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