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Code wrking in MozillaFirefox but not in Internet Explorer

Reported by: ankit_khandelwal16 Owned by:
Priority: high Milestone: 1.4.3
Component: selector Version: 1.4.2
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Hi Guys, I need the solution for the following problem.My this code is working fine in Mozilla but not in IE.this code is of Image Slide and Thumbnails please provide me the as soon as possible.

I am pasting the code here

<script type="text/javascript"> $(function(){ $("#WebPartWPQ4 *").css('font-family','helvetica'); $("#WebPartWPQ4 *").css('font-size','12px'); $("#WebPartWPQ4 *").css('font-weight','bold'); $("#WebPartWPQ4 *:not(a)").css('color','#555');

$("#WebPartWPQ5 *").css('font-family','helvetica'); $("#WebPartWPQ5 *").css('font-size','12px'); $("#WebPartWPQ5 *").css('font-weight','bold'); $("#WebPartWPQ5 *:not(a)").css('color','#555');

var selector = $("table[class=ms-summarystandardbody][summary=Images] > tbody > tr:gt(0) > td > a:Onfocus=OnLink(this) "); var Tnlimit = 3; selector.each(function(){

var url = $(this).attr("href"); $(".ISlideShow").append("<div><img alt='img' src='"+url+"'/></div>"); if (Tnlimit !=0){

$(".ImagesFetched").append("<img alt='img' src='"+url+"'/>");

Tnlimit -=1; }});

var Icount = $(".ISlideShow div").length; var fade = setInterval("rotateImages()",5000); $(".ISlideShow div").hover(function(){





$(".ISlideShow div").show();

fade = setInterval("rotateImages()",5000);

}); $(".Thumbnails").hover(function(){


$(".Thumbnails").show(); },function(){ $(".Thumbnails").hide();

$(".ISlideShow div").show();

fade = setInterval("rotateImages()",5000);

}); $(".Thumbnails img").hover(function(){

var checkurl = $(this).attr("src"); $(".ISlideShow div").hide(); $(".ISlideShow div img[src = '"+checkurl+"']").parent().show();


}); var x = $('div#WebPartWPQ7').width(); $('.Thumbnails .TImages').css('width',x); var y = $(".Thumbnails div img").length; var BGwidth = 95*y; $(".Thumbnails .transparent").css('width',BGwidth); $(".Thumbnails .transparent").css('margin-left',x-BGwidth);

}); function rotateImages(){

var oCurPhoto = $(".ISlideShow div.current"); var oNxtPhoto = oCurPhoto.next(); if(oNxtPhoto.length == 0)

oNxtPhoto = $(".ISlideShow div:eq(0)");

oCurPhoto.removeClass("current").addClass("previous"); oNxtPhoto.css({opacity:0}).addClass("current").animate({opacity:1},1000,function(){oCurPhoto.removeClass("previous");});


</script> <style type="text/css">


width:344px; height:209px;

} .ISlideShow div{

position:absolute; z-index:0;

} .ISlideShow div img{

width:344px; height:209px;

} .ISlideShow div.previous{


} .ISlideShow div.current{

z-index:2; opacity:1;

} .Thumbnails{


} .Thumbnails .TImages{

position:absolute; z-index:3; margin-top:-70px;

} .Thumbnails .transparent{

position:absolute; z-index:2; background-color:#fff;

filter: alpha(opacity=50); -moz-opacity: 0.5; -khtml-opacity: 0.5; opacity: 0.5; height:70px;


} .Thumbnails div{

float:right; padding-top:5px;

} .Thumbnails div img{

width:75px; height:50px; margin-right:15px;



<div class="ISlideShow" style ="width:100%"></div> <div class="Thumbnails">

<div class="TImages">

<div class="ImagesFetched"></div>

</div> <div class="transparent">





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Code for the problem

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Please help me friends I am in between of a project release.Please have your suggestions.

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