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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#9885 Add global Ajax beforeSend event dmethvin feature low ajax 1.6.2
#12213 Add hook to cleanData to allow cleanup gnarf feature low manipulation 1.8rc1
#9883 Allow users to respond to other ajax event states. jaubourg feature low ajax git
#12821 Create Unit test for toggle/show/hide( callback ) gnarf feature low effects 1.8.2
#13806 JSONP error handler for cross origin requests is triggered only after timeout ri.joel@… feature low ajax 1.9.1
#14281 Support ShadowRoot Nodes in Sizzle timmywil feature low selector 1.10.2
#14359 triggering focus event with namespace runs all focus listeners gibson042 bug low event 1.10.2
#9628 width(), height(), etc. shouldn't round mikesherov bug low css 1.6.1

Status: new (21 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#15216 $.getJSON treats request as JSONP when URL contains ?? (two question marks) bug undecided ajax 2.1.1
#15235 .css('marginRight') - memory leak bug high css 2.1.1
#14723 .outerWidth( val ) doesn't handle selects properly bug undecided unfiled 1.10.2
#15193 Ajax requests with binary data throw errors in Chrome bug undecided ajax 2.1.1
#15158 Allow to fire callbacks in reversed order using $.Callbacks object feature undecided unfiled 1.11.1
#15189 Basic Authentication does not work with JSONP bug undecided ajax 1.11.1
#15213 Calling .empty() on a disabled callbacks object re-enables it bug undecided unfiled 1.11.1
#15223 Cannot select the text in input field under IE11 using jquery onfocus event bug undecided event 1.11.1
#15127 Chrome Sandboxed App: "Unload is not available in packaged apps" bug undecided unfiled 2.1.1
#15247 Deferred API: deferred.progress() is still available after the deferred object resolved or rejected bug undecided deferred 2.1.1
#15238 HTML Background fading bug low effects 2.1.1
#15250 IE 11 Compatibility Mode - Aria attributes and "Member not found" bug undecided unfiled 1.11.1
#15226 Invalidating issue #9521 bug low unfiled 1.11.1
#15248 Jquery caching DELETE Request on Android bug undecided ajax 1.11.1
#15171 Mixing delegated and direct click handlers behaves differently on IE on Windows phone bug undecided event 1.11.0
#15249 Question mark is replaced by 'jQuery1520046861610282212496_1411972375451'. bug undecided unfiled 1.5.2
#15179 Syntax errors in minified sources bug undecided build
#15211 contains a 'value' attribute selector not working in IE8 bug undecided selector 1.11.1
#15242 jQuery - element not triggering events after wrap bug undecided event 1.11.1
#15236 jQuery.load() remove ajax:select tag of AjaxTag Library bug high unfiled 1.11.1
#15237 jQuery.load() remove ajax:select tag of AjaxTag Library bug high unfiled 1.11.1

Status: open (15 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#15061 "define" is not defined error. Broken build bug low build 2.1.0
#12974 $('html').outerHeight(true) returns inconsistent results across browsers jon@… bug low css 1.8.3
#15201 .offset() thinks all elements in the ShadowDom are disconnected, and thus as 0,0 bug low offset 2.1.1
#15210 2.1.2-pre, ajax.js: environments that don't have 'location' variable will break bug high ajax 2.1.1
#14488 Add Vagrant Support feature high build 1.10.2
#14380 Edge self-replacement cases of replaceWith bug low manipulation 1.10.2
#14903 IE 11 fullscreen inside iframe needs workaround bug low dimensions 2.1.0
#15159 Show animations, like $.show() $.toggle() and $.slideDown(), don't respect css display property if initial state is display:none; bug low effects 1.11.1
#14892 Unable to trigger a checkbox click immediately after changing disabled to false danspamable@… bug high event 1.11.0-rc1
#15160 ajaxError and ajaxComplete firing twice upon abort bug low ajax 1.11.1
#10495 before() fails but native insertBefore() works ok pferreir bug low ajax git
#13428 focus event ignores additional data when triggered mail@… bug undecided event 1.9.1
#14956 offsetParent fails to recognize 3D transform context jlukic bug low offset 2.1.0
#12778 rewrite speed framework based off of the latest sizzle speed tests feature low build git
#14595 textbox not responding to keyup event in IE11 sylvain courcoux bug low event 1.10.2
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