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Ticket Summary Component Created Modified Reporter
#15216 $.getJSON treats request as JSONP when URL contains ?? (two question marks) ajax 15 hours 15 hours Stijn
#15215 Select on data attributes without value unfiled 17 hours 17 hours Linuus
#15213 Calling .empty() on a disabled callbacks object re-enables it unfiled 3 days 3 days TheDistantSea
#15211 contains a 'value' attribute selector not working in IE8 selector 9 days 9 days alexey_kay
#15193 Ajax requests with binary data throw errors in Chrome ajax 3 weeks 3 weeks cbroome
#15189 Basic Authentication does not work with JSONP ajax 5 weeks 5 weeks driz
#15188 BUG: ajax async cors ajax 5 weeks 5 weeks 176788304@…
#15179 Syntax errors in minified sources build 6 weeks 6 weeks Bergi
#15171 Mixing delegated and direct click handlers behaves differently on IE on Windows phone event 8 weeks 8 weeks amasniko
#15158 Allow to fire callbacks in reversed order using $.Callbacks object unfiled 2 months 2 months logo
#15127 Chrome Sandboxed App: "Unload is not available in packaged apps" unfiled 3 months 3 months solgar
#14723 .outerWidth( val ) doesn't handle selects properly unfiled 7 months 7 months scott.gonzalez
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