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#14989 $(window).width() AND $(window).outerWidth() excluding the scrollbar width new bug None unfiled
#15019 $.when.apply expands the returning array if it has only one item new bug None unfiled
#14723 .outerWidth( val ) doesn't handle selects properly new bug None unfiled
#14733 Ajax memory leak pending bmwmatrix@… bug None unfiled
#14977 Output Rendered and then Disappears pending jquery@… bug None unfiled
#14568 Problem with the context when loading a script in an iframe new bug None unfiled
#14844 buildFragment process "script" element error new bug None unfiled
#14960 contents and children selectors can return elements out of order open bug None traversing
#15014 document variable got corrupted in jQuery1.11.0 (solution provided) pending Revin <caoyunbin001@…> bug None unfiled
#13428 focus event ignores additional data when triggered open mail@… bug None event
#14633 removeAttr("selected") should not set property to false open bug 1.12/2.2 attributes
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