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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#10190 "upload" property of the XMLHttpRequest open feature 1.next/2.next high
#10198 Run jQuery unit tests in XHTML open feature 1.next/2.next high
#14488 Add Vagrant Support open feature None high
#14510 Improve API interoperability with standard Promise open bug 1.12/2.2 high
#14568 Problem with the context when loading a script in an iframe open bug 1.12/2.2 high
#14839 jQuery.data first access performance very bad assigned rwaldron bug 1.12/2.2 high
#14892 Unable to trigger a checkbox click immediately after changing disabled to false open danspamable@… bug None high
#14960 contents and children selectors can return elements out of order assigned gibson042 bug 1.12/2.2 high
#15037 $.show() can break responsive stylesheets open feature 1.12/2.2 high
#15210 2.1.2-pre, ajax.js: environments that don't have 'location' variable will break open bug None high
#15235 .css('marginRight') - memory leak open bug None high
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