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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#12031 Allow objects as event handlers assigned dmethvin feature low 1.12/2.2
#14359 triggering focus event with namespace runs all focus listeners assigned gibson042 bug low None
#15073 Infinite Loop in .off() with empty namespace assigned dmethvin bug low 1.12/2.2
#15171 Mixing delegated and direct click handlers behaves differently on IE on Windows phone new bug undecided None
#15223 Cannot select the text in input field under IE11 using jquery onfocus event new bug undecided None
#15242 jQuery - element not triggering events after wrap new bug undecided None
#13428 focus event ignores additional data when triggered open mail@… bug undecided None
#14147 jQuery.event.fix() may force layout open bug low 1.next/2.next
#14595 textbox not responding to keyup event in IE11 open sylvain courcoux bug low None
#14892 Unable to trigger a checkbox click immediately after changing disabled to false open danspamable@… bug high None
#15090 $.isPlainObject returns true for instance of $.Event open bug low 2.2
#15198 JQuery's trigger method doesn't populate currentTarget open bug low 1.12/2.2
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