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#12974 $('html').outerHeight(true) returns inconsistent results across browsers open jon@… bug low None
#14038 .width(value) sets incorrect width value if block has border and value specified in ems and box-sizing:border-box assigned timmywil bug high 1.12/2.2
#10406 :hidden selector finds <br /> elements in chrome and safari (but not FF or IE) assigned timmywil bug high 1.12/2.2
#13132 :visible inconsistent across browsers for empty tags assigned timmywil bug high 1.12/2.2
#15016 Chrome 34 returns 'auto' via getComputedStyle when 'widows' property is set to 0 new bug low 1.11.1/2.1.1
#14484 Relative percentage values (+= / -=) work in .animate but not in .css assigned gibson042 bug blocker 1.12/2.2
#14407 expose interface to .usedStyle and .rawComputedStyle once implemented open feature low 2.next
#9628 width(), height(), etc. shouldn't round assigned mikesherov bug low None
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