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#2989 [validate] Turning off validation on back, cancel button 3 days joern enhancement closed major
#6780 HTML/character entities not handled 3 days bug closed
#9756 Object Property Error while using jquery.validate.js in Internet Explorer ver 7.0 5 days bug closed low
#12326 $.AJAX changed the post content if include "??" (2 Question mark) 3 days bug closed undecided
#13997 stopImmediatePropagation doesn't stop DOM added event listeners 2 days dmethvin bug closed low
#14568 Problem with the context when loading a script in an iframe 3 days bug open high
#14785 Broken again when transforming XHTML to XHTML (creating XML-DOM) via clientside XSLT 2 days bug closed high
#14793 Attribute selector parsing is too liberal 45 hours gibson042 bug closed high
#14901 "Unsafe HTML" warnings in WWA 45 hours gibson042 bug closed blocker
#14903 IE 11 fullscreen inside iframe needs workaround 5 days bug open low
#14979 Order of conditions causes unnecessary Reflow 2 days bug closed high
#14989 $(window).width() AND $(window).outerWidth() excluding the scrollbar width 2 days bug new undecided
#15016 Chrome 34 returns 'auto' via getComputedStyle when 'widows' property is set to 0 2 days m_gol bug closed low
#15019 $.when.apply expands the returning array if it has only one item 3 days bug closed undecided
#15020 npm install from git master fails 3 days bug closed low
#15024 The number regular incorrect 2 days 785979885jss@… bug pending undecided
#15037 $.show() can break responsive stylesheets 29 hours feature open undecided
#15040 Choose The Power Of Vita Lean Pro Weight Loss Pills 13 hours bug new undecided
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