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#14926 JQuery 1.11.0; $.ajax() exception with data 5 days alexis.paques@… bug closed undecided
#14927 missing argument declaration 5 days Fredrik Blomqvist bug closed undecided
#14929 In Internet Explorer nested undefined selectors not working 5 days manesharma@… bug closed undecided
#14998 Yuglify fails to parse jquery.js 4 days bug closed undecided
#14911 Memory leak issue by using jQuery Library v1.10.1 3 days bug closed undecided
#14987 Checkbox value did not change 3 days bug closed undecided
#14976 Getting Access is denied issue in IE9 3 days bug closed undecided
#14961 Wrong description in .get() documentation 3 days bug closed undecided
#14923 Expose responses to .ajax statusCode handlers 3 days feature closed undecided
#1474 setting selectedIndex doesn't update dropdown position 3 days bug closed minor
#14880 event.which not consistent across browsers for keydown event 2 days matteosistisette@… bug closed undecided
#14680 Permission denied in IE11 when using top context jQuery from IFRAME 2 days vkymla@… bug closed undecided
#14733 Ajax memory leak 2 days bmwmatrix@… bug pending undecided
#14979 Order of conditions causes unnecessary Reflow 2 days bug open high
#14484 Relative percentage values (+= / -=) work in .animate but not in .css 2 days gibson042 bug assigned blocker
#14796 Android 2.3 is unable to append XML nodes to a document fragment coming from a different document. 2 days m_gol bug assigned low
#14982 Core: Allow more than 2 arrays for merge function 2 days feature closed undecided
#14986 Error when an event is bound to DOMNodeRemoved with an attribute selector and a comment node is removed 2 days bug closed low
#14953 Add capture parameter to event related methods 2 days lrbabe feature closed undecided
#8209 Hover() event firing mouseleave/mouseout when over child input element in Chrome 9.x. 41 hours browser-chrome bug closed high
#15016 Chrome 34 returns 'auto' via getComputedStyle when 'widows' property is set to 0 36 hours bug new low
#3639 empty value when clone file input field in IE 35 hours bug closed major
#15014 document variable got corrupted in jQuery1.11.0 (solution provided) 33 hours Revin <caoyunbin001@…> bug pending undecided
#14818 Remove integration tests for Sizzle 32 hours markelog feature closed high
#7442 slideDown/slideUp "jump" when surrounding elements are margin collapsing 29 hours bug closed low
#14903 IE 11 fullscreen inside iframe needs workaround 26 hours bug open low
#9756 Object Property Error while using jquery.validate.js in Internet Explorer ver 7.0 25 hours bug closed low
#15019 $.when.apply expands the returning array if it has only one item 11 hours bug new undecided
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