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#15184 IE alt Keyup event not being recognized 5 days crazedmeph bug closed undecided
#15186 Drop bower for npm 5 days timmywil bug closed low
#15187 Preventing jQuery Ajax request being aborted in IE - 8 / IE - 9 5 days bug closed high
#10406 :hidden selector finds <br /> elements in chrome and safari (but not FF or IE) 4 days timmywil bug closed high
#13132 :visible inconsistent across browsers for empty tags 4 days timmywil bug closed high
#14775 custom build: grunt custom:-sizzle 4 days timmywil bug closed low
#15188 BUG: ajax async cors 4 days bug new high
#15189 Basic Authentication does not work with JSONP 4 days bug new undecided
#15190 Cannot get or set custom properties 18 hours bug closed undecided
#15191 serializeArray fails with fieldset in IE 77 minutes bug new undecided
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